Class12: SAT scores

Journal Assignment

Investigate the SAT data.

There are three possible data sets to use. One data set contains data about women students at Dartmouth, and a second contains data about men students at Dartmouth. The third data set comes from a study that ETS performed, including students from a college whose name was not revealed. You do not have to use all three data sets, but you can if you'd like.

The data will soon be available on the Web (under Class 12 ETS Validation,, Dartmouth.women) and also on the Course Server, in the JMP folder. The data on the Web is in text format, so you will need to save it off the Web and then "import" it into JMP. The data in the JMP folder is in JMP format already, so you can either start up JMP and then "open" it, or just double click on the data set's icon which will start up JMP automatically. As usual, please email or if you have any problems.

Possible questions to investigate include:
Or, follow your own interests.

We will also put the smoking data from Class 11 on the Web and on the Course Server for optional and unrelated investigation.