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  • Videos from Outside Sources

    The Annenberg video tape series "Against All Odds"

    "Time-Subject Index for Against All Odds"

    This Time-Subject Index for the very successful video series Against All Odds: Inside Statistics is video series which is part of the Annenberg/CPB projects. It was made under the direction of David Moore. The series has twenty-six half hour video presentations. These videos includes discussion of basic statistical concepts and also case studies of the use of statistics in the real world. We use these case studies ragularly in our Chance courses.

    The COMAP video series "Statistics: Decisions Through Data"

    A review by Harry Posten of Statistics: Decisions Through Data; a video course for Introductory statistics aimed at the high school level environment also directed by David Moore. This review appeared in "The American Statistician", November 1993, Vol. 47, No. 4 .

    "Statistics: Decisions Through Data"

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