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  • Other Chance Video Lectures

  • A Dartmouth Chance Course
     Starring Peter Doyle
     Produced by Bob Drake and Wendy Conquest

  • ***The Bible Codes
     Brendan McKay, Maya Bar-Hillel, Jeffrey H. Tigay
     Australian National University, Hebrew University, University of Pennsylvania
  • DNA and Probability
     Jonathan J. Koehler
     University of Texas
  • ***Dartmouth Chance class 1994
     Freeman Dyson
     Institute of Advanced Study
  • ***The Case Against the Bible Codes
     Barry Simon: California Institute of Technology
     Rabbi Adlerstein: Director: Jewish Studies Institute
  • WNNE News Commentary on PowerBall lottery

  • Aspirin and Prevention of Heart Disease
     John Baron
     Dartmouth Medical School
  • To Sample or Not to Sample? Why is That the Question for Census 2000?
     Stephen Fienberg
     Carnegie Mellon University

  • Dartmouth College
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