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  • 1998 Chance Lecture Series

  • The Risk to Civilization from Extraterrestrial Objects
     Clark Chapman
     Southwest Research Institute
  • Epidemiology in Every-day Inference
     John Baron
     Dartmouth Medical School
  • Streaks in Sports
     Tom Gilovich
     Cornell University
  • Statistical Issues in Census 2000
     David Freedman
     University of California Berkeley
     Based on Technical Report 537. See also Technical Report 484.

  • Approaches and Social Aspects of Viaticals
     Cindi McCary
     American Viatical Testing Co.
  • Once Upon a Number -- Mathematics and Narrative
     John Paulos
     Temple University
  • Hedge funds and Gambling in the Capital Markets
     Jeff Norman
     ZAIS Group

  • Dartmouth College
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