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  • Chance Audio Contents

    These are programs from sources such as National Public Radio that deal with topics related to a probability/statistics course. Listening to them requires the free RealPlayer 5.0 or later
  • NPR Talk of the Nation, Jan. 7, 2000 Ira Flatow
    A discussion about the research of Elizabeth Brannon at Columbia University showing that monkeys can distinquish between numbers.

  • NPR Talk of the Nation, Oct. 9, 1998 Ira Flatow
    A discussion of mathematics and the media--some interesting chance comments by Perci Diacoinis.

  • NPR Talk of the Nation, Friday, August 28,1998 Ira Flatow
    A wide-ranging discussion of the way the census 2000 will be conducted, including the undercount problem, with Harvey Choldin, Author, Looking for the Last Percent: The Controversy Over Census Undercounts. Stephen Fienberg, University Professor of Statistics and Social Science, Carnegie Mellon University, co-author of the book on the census "Who Counts" and Steven Holmes Correspondent, New York Times.

  • NPR Weekend Edition June 13, 1998
    A brief but quite good discussion with Keith Devlin of coincidences with special reference to Bible Codes.

  • NPR Science Friday, May 29, 1998
    Richard Harris interviews psychologist Tom Gilovich and Ian Stewart about math in everyday life including discussions of streaks in sports and the birthday problem. There is a particularly interesting discussion between the guests and listeners who call in with their answers to the "birthday problem".

  • Talk of the Nation Friday, May 01,1998
    A discussion with Neil Chriss Director, Mathematics in Finance Program Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Iraj Kani President Martingale Technologies on how mathematics is being used in Wall Street. The discussion includes Black Sholes option pricing, efficient marktet, and choas but no martingales.

  • NPR Science Friday, 21 June 1996
    A two-hour report from the first World Skeptics Congress which illustrates the way that professional skeptics study and explain paranormal phenomena.

  • Car Talk: Week of 5/23/98
    The cartalk brothers discuss the infamous two-boys problem: Given that a family with two children has at least one boy, what is the probability the family has two boys.

  • Car Talk, Weeks of 10/18/97 and 10/23/97
    The cartalk brothers discuss the Monty Hall problem. You will find more about this problem, including a historical discussion and a chance to play the game .

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