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  • The talks featured below require the latest version of the Realplayer software. More particularly, they require that the "Realplayer plug-in" be installed in the plug-ins folder of your browser. If you do not have the "Realplayer plug-in," a free version of Realplayer (which includes the plug-in) is available here

    Note: There are several issues to be aware of if you are running these videos over the web. When you double-click to open the video, the status bar in the Realplayer window will load to 99%. At this point, click once on the start button on the video player to start the lecture. For videos made before 2000, you cannot use the status to "skip ahead" in the video. If you try this, the player will freeze after loading to 33%. You must then back up to the start to recover. Finally, there is a limit to the number of people who can be viewing a Chance Video at the same time.

    You can avoid all of these problems by downloading the video or videos that you want to view. To see how to do this click here

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