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Meeting Space and Kitchen

The comfortable CGSE lounge includes a conference/dining table and seating area with sofas and chairs. Additionally, the walls are decorated with colorful art created exclusively by Dartmouth College students. The space can accommodate small groups of up to approximately 15 people for meetings and is an excellent space to hold your meeting, have a retreat, or just sit and study quietly. There is an adjacent kitchen available for your use also. If you'd like to hang out in the lounge, stop on by and find a seat. Please contact Karen Tucker for further information about reserving the CGSE.


The CGSE maintains a lending library of gender-related books, free for anyone in the Dartmouth community. With titles ranging in subject matter from feminist theory and women's literature to men's health and transgendered narratives, the CGSE Library has a wide-range of books available. If you are curious about learning more about gender on your own or simply reading an interesting story, stop by the CGSE to pick up a book today!

Gender Neutral Bathroom

The CGSE is home to a gender neutral bathroom. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable when visiting the CGSE and providing a gender neutral restroom is just one more way for us to create a safe and welcoming space. Please stop by and check out our gender inclusive space!

Games and Art Supplies

We know there might be times when you or your organization might need a few things, so we've stocked our shelves to help you out. With everything from markers and paint to construction paper and stickers, the CGSE can be a place to help your group create. Stop by to check out our art supplies.  Additionally, the CGSE has a wide-range of educational games to inspire conversation and dialogue in your group. We've collected games from Tilt Factor and other social justice oriented companies to provide interested groups with resources to help build and develop their understanding of gender, identity, and social justice. Please stop by or blitz the Center for Gender and Student Engagement for more information.

Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Clearinghouse

The Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Clearinghouse (PPRC), recently updated by Callista Womick '13, provides information about resources for pregnant and/or parenting students in the Dartmouth community.

cally"Cally is a Studio Art major from Ramseur, NC whose foremost interests include community, education, privacy, and art. After Dartmouth she intends to settle among people who will support these interests, or at least not deliberately thwart them; to raise goats and/or children; and to fix humankind. Or die trying. She also plans to make some art and make some money along the way."

Click here to download a PDF of the Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Clearinghouse Report.

Last Updated: 7/8/14