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The Men's Project

The Men's Project seeks to bring together resources to help male identified students at Dartmouth analyze traditional notions of the masculine gender role, examine their own understanding of masculinity, as well as explore the various intersecting identities within the male community.

The CGSE Men's Project will engage Dartmouth men in programs, educational opportunities, mentoring, and community building opportunities focusing on examinations and explorations of masculinities. Dartmouth students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited to participate in all Men's Project programming.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the CGSE Men's Project's flagship initiative, calling men to pledge in the fight to end sexual violence. In addition to handing out white ribbons to the community, The White Ribbon Campaign provides opportunities for the Dartmouth community to explore and analyze the role that men can play in stopping rape. From lectures and panels to discussions and passive exhibits, The White Ribbon Campaign seeks to engage men at Dartmouth as agents for positive change.
In addition, The CGSE Men's Project explores men and masculinities at Dartmouth through programs like Upstaging Stereotypes, The Elephant in the Room, and Men's Forum. For more information about getting involved with Men's Forum, blitz Mens Forum.
All programs and opportunities supported by the CGSE Men's Project will aim to address one or more of the following goals:

• Increase male curricular and co-curricular engagement at Dartmouth College

  • Increased male participation and leadership roles in campus involvement opportunities such as academic engagement, research opportunities, student organizations, residence education, volunteer and service opportunities, mentor and peer advising, study abroad, campus ministry, diversity and inclusion, sexual assault awareness and prevention, etc.

• Improve male decision-making at Dartmouth College

  • Decrease high-risk male behavior around issues like alcohol, sexual misconduct, hazing, violence, harassment, bias, and discrimination.

• Increase male recruitment and retention at Dartmouth College

  • Improve academic engagement, contribute to male recruitment, provide support services for male students, and encourage male students to seek support services

Michael Kimmel at Dartmouth on "Boys Will Be Boys: Deconstructing Masculinity and Manhood at Dartmouth," on July 8, 2013

Last Updated: 10/21/13