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Sexuality, Women, and Gender

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Women of Color Collective Activities

Spring '04 WoCC Activities

4/6 "Let's Chill"

C&G 6 PM: Sit back and relax as we discuss what's up for the term. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

4/14 "Silence Broken: Confronting the Tragedy of the Comfort Woman"

C&G - 5 PM: Learn about the sexual enslavement of up to 200,000 so-called "comfort women" during World War II by the Japanese Imperial Army. A documentary will be shown, followed by free pizza and a discussion led by Joanne Kim '05 and Visiting Professor of Film and Korean Studies Jiwon Ahn.

4/16 Take Back the Night March

Gather in front of the Hopkins Center - 7 pm: Take Back the Night is an international rally and march that is organized in local communities with the purpose of unifying women, men, and children in an awareness of violence against women, children and families.  Everyone is invited.  If you care about violence, please join in!

4/20 "Women's What? Beyond the Blank Stare"

Hinman Forum 6PM: WoCC, Women in Leadership, Women in Business, AASPIRE, and EESENCE invite all women and women's organizations to participate in a joint meeting discussing the presence of women's groups at Dartmouth. What are the pro's and con's of women's groups? Is there a need to organize a broader support network?

4/27 "The March"

C&G 6PM: Over 500,000 women were at the March on Washington...Women from over 60 countries....From Whoopie Goldberg to Gloria Steinem to Dartmouth Women! Come here about the largest march in history from those who were there.

4/29 "Pop Culture, the Media, and Race"

Time and place tba: WoCC joins MOSAIC to discuss the intertwining of race and the media. There will be a showing of documentary "Cultural Criticism and Transformation" and discussion to follow. Ozzie Harris, Special Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity & Equity, will join us for discussion.

5/5 "Feminism, Activism and the Future"

Tindle Lounge 4-6pm (RSVP to Xenia Markowitt): The Women of Color Collective, Paleopitus, and The Center for Women & Gender invite you to participate in rare opportunity. Join CWG's Visionaries in Residence Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner for an interactive workshop on activism in our times.

5/11 Same Sex Marriages

C&G 6:30 PM: Are same sex marriages an issue of rights? Should the government have the power to preside over marriage as an institution? Discussion with Pam Misener, GLBT advisor, on the issue of same sex marriages.

Winter '04 WoCC Activities

1/13 Girl Talk: Come talk about anything that's on your mind! Winter term worries...staying healthy and active...all topics open for discussion! Take a moment to warm up, have some refreshments and enjoy our company!

1/20 SisterSong: Women of Color and Reproductive Rights: Women of color are disproportionately affected by reproductive health inequalities due to oppressions of race, class, gender, and limited access to education about their rights. This discussion will address the implications of reproductive rights, especially in the lives of women of color. With guest speakers Professor Bohmer and Jessica Reeves '04, who attended the SisterSong conference. In conjunction with the 2004 MLK Celebration.

1/25 "Every Woman Counts" Democratic Presidential Forum: Moore Theater, Hopkins Center 4-6 PM. Join the Women of Color Collective and other women and women's organizations in hearing what the Presidential candidates have to say about women's issues. Ask them the questions that you care about!

2/3 Teach for America: Discussion on the inequities of the American educational system, particularly for women of color. Hear what Teach for America, a not for profit organization, is doing to make lasting changes.

2/10  Center for Women and Gender's 2nd annual Sex Festival: Collis Commonground 5-8 PM. Learn about sexual health through fun activities and information booths. WoCC will have information on reproductive rights.

2/11 and 2/12 Center of Women and Gender presents the 5th annual Dartmouth production of the Vagina Monologues: Collis Commonground, 5-7:30 PM. Celebrate V-day by watching Dartmouth women perform the Vagina Monologues!

2/27-2/29 The Afro-American Society presents: Hip Hop Identities and Poetic Race Relations, with author Tricia Rose as the keynote speaker on 2/28.

2/26  PoliTalk, Women in Business Group and the Women of Color Collective present "The World After Dartmouth."

7 PM at Rocky, 1930's Room

Come discuss the issues that Dartmouth men and women face when entering the work force:

Are there different expectations or realities that face men versus women? Does the glass ceiling still exist? Is there perfect job equality or should there be measures in place to legislate "more" equal opportunity? Given the current state of the economy, who is hurt more: men, women, minorities?

2/28 WoCC Lunch with Tricia Rose- 12 PM at C&G

3/9 End of term study break. Join the WoCC for good food and conversation.

Fall 2003 WoCC Activities

10/6 WoCC meeting topic: "Expectations and Experiences" How have our experiences at Dartmouth met up with our expectations? What happens when they don't match up?

10/14 WoCC meeting topic: "Interracial Dating" How does the scene at Dartmouth compare to the national scene? Discussion and short clips from "Mississippi Masala" and "Jungle Fever."

10/28 Women's Health Outreach: Why are certain women underserved in the health services? What can be done in order to make resources available to all women? Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Hirsh, director of the Women's Health Program at Dick's House.

11/4 WoCC, CARE (Coalition Against Abusive Relationships Everywhere) and the Men's Project joint meeting topic: What can be done to support victims of sexual abuse and prevent further incidences from arising at Dartmouth? Discussion of the Free Press article on a Dartmouth woman's experience with sexual abuse.

11/12 WoCC and Becoming an Ally: White Women and Racism joint meeting. Dinner discussion with Professor Ivy Schweitzer on the importance and meaning of interracial friendships.

11/13-11/16 "SisterSong: Women of Color and Reproductive Rights" national conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. " bring together women of color activists, direct service providers, policymakers, and allies to discuss and develop strategies to improve the reproductive health of women of color in the US." Three delegates of WoCC attending conference. Discussion of women of color's access to health resources and education during Martin Luther King week (upcoming Winter term).

11/17 Women Supporting Women Campaign: Panel discussion: How do Women Support Women at Dartmouth? Hear Six Dartmouth Women Share Their Stories. Top of the Hop @ 8pm

11/18 WoCC and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. joint meeting: Women and Depression. What are the symptoms? ramifications? treatments? support systems and social relevance? Guest speaker Bryant Ford from Health Services.

Spring 2003 WoCC Activities

4/1 Clothesline Project Workshop, 6 pm in C&G. Make T-shirts honoring and in remembrance of victims and survivors of sexual violence to add to growing collection of shirts made by members of the Dartmouth community (on display in Collis 4/7-4/18).

4/7  Take Back the Night March.  Gather in front of the Hopkins Center @ 7 pm. Take Back the Night is an international rally and march that is organized in local communities with the purpose of unifying communities in an awareness of violence against women, children and families. The event is a collaboration of all people who are ready to take a stand against violence and make the night safe for everyone. Take Back the Night rallies and marches began in England as a protest against the fear that women encountered walking the streets at night.

4/8  Senorita Extraviada, Missing Young Woman. Collis Common Ground @ 7 pm. This documentary film, by Lordes Portilla, tells the story of the over 200 kidnapped, raped and murdered young women of Juárez, Mexico. The murders first came to light in 1993 and young women continue to "disappear" to this day without any hope of bringing the perpetrators to justice. Who are these women from all walks of life and why are they getting murdered so brutally? Representatives of the Mexican Solidarity Network, Casa Amiga - the sexual violence agency, and of families of "lost" women will be present to discuss the situation and their work. Sponsored by the Women of Color Collective

Winter 2003 WoCC Activities

1/14  Depression Among Women of Color w/ special guest, Bryant Ford, from Health Services. Discussion: "For many women of color, depression and stress are part of everyday life. Therapy is not. " (WOMENSENEWS)

1/24  "Against the Tide: Art & the Politics of Oppression" exhibit opening and party, with 'area' student art gallery (part of MLK Week)

1/27  The Miseducation of Lauryn's Girls: From Queens to Queen @$!%#! A documentary/lecture presentation about the representation of women of color in hip hop culture by Professor David Lamb, John Jay College of the City University of New York. Lamb is an author, a teacher, and a graduate of both the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the New York University School of Law.

2/4  Sexuality and Gender Identity Among Women of Color. Discussion: Does isolation exist for queer women of color? If so, why? Are communities of color reluctant to discuss sexuality? Are women of color able to work across the sexual orientation line? Co-sponsored with Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance.

2/19  Strangers in My House. Discussion: What does patriotism and "being an American" mean to communities of color? Co-sponsored with Delta Sigma Theta.

2/22  Dinner with Fazal Shiekh, Artist in Residence.An internationally known photographer, his work "raises awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity among refugees in countries challenged by poverty, political upheaval and economic hardship." Co-sponsored with Amnesty International and the Dartmouth Greens.

Fall 2002 WoCC Activities

10/8  Being a Woman of Color at Dartmouth: an informal gathering of upperclass women and '06 women.

10/15  Feminism 101 and Feminism's Impact on WoC: join Dartmouth staff, faculty, and students for a dinner discussion about common misconceptions about feminism and whether the feminist movement can meet the needs of women of color.

11/12  Dinner discussion with Nike Davies-Okundaye, an internationally known Nigerian artist, during her residency here at Dartmouth. She will talk about her struggle for personal freedom in traditional Nigerian society.

11/14  Dinner discussion with Taslima Nasrin—well-known in feminist, human rights, and secular humanist circles and author of  "MEYEBELA: A Memoir of Growing Up Female in a Muslim World."

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