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Sexuality, Women, and Gender

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One Man at a Time

Calling All Men . . .
Interested in Doing Anti-Sexism/Anti-Violence Work

One Man at a Time
Friday, October 3
8:30 am - 5 pm
Tindle Lounge, Thayer

As Dartmouth is home to a rapidly expanding anti-sexism, anti-violence men's group - the Men's Project - we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to get such organizations from a variety of campuses together to discuss a variety of questions: What issues do the various college men's groups address? What sort of programming, events, or actions do these groups host or employ? What problems or challenges do all of these groups face? How can various men's groups work together?

The Plan:

  1. Arrive in Hanover on the afternoon/evening of Thursday, October 2 for a welcome and evening program by Tony Porter and Ted Bunch, two men whose work on men's violence against women is celebrated internationally [see
  2. Participate all day Friday in One Man At A Time sessions. (We are thrilled that Tony Porter and Ted Bunch will be participating in the One Man At A Time meetings Friday.)
    Concurrently, on this day, the Center for Women and Gender is hosting a regional women's centers conference. The two groups will convene for a joint afternoon session to explore the intersections of their work and interests.
  3. To finish off that day, attend the closing presentation by Sut Jhally [] about his latest work with Jackson Katz that explores connections between pro-wrestling and violence against women.
  4. Stay, if you can, for a day-long symposium called Intimacy and Violence focusing on relationship violence on Saturday, October 4.

Housing with Dartmouth student hosts will be arranged for all students who plan to attend either or both days.

There is no fee for participating in the Friday sessions.

Please contact Wade Meyer, coordinator of the Men's Project at Dartmouth College, for more information.

Last Updated: 9/9/13