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Sexuality, Women, and Gender

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2003 Winter Awareness Campaign

"Says who?: Abstinence & Defining SexYOUality"

"Everyone is sexual.

Practicing abstinence does not mean a person is sexless. Almost all women and men are abstinent at some time in their lives. It can be a positive way of dealing with sexuality - as a well thought-out choice regarding one's body, mind, spirit, and sexual health. Some abstinent women and men enjoy "sexy" thoughts and feelings. Others can use their sexual energy for creative, physical, or intellectual activities."

However, the definition of abstinence may vary from person to person. Even in the 1990's, Bill Clinton gave new definition to the term "sexual relations". Recent movements by religious groups, school education programs and MTV have gotten young people to think more about their sexual activity. Despite, these exterior influences, how do you define abstinence and 'sexYOUality'? Who influences your thought process? Do you believe you should define your own experiences?

Through this winter's campaign, the Center for Women and Gender hopes to promote greater awareness about issues that involve sex and your thoughts. This campaign does not intend to take a stance for or against abstinence but rather to engage YOU in conversation about personal definitions and thoughts.

In the media there's much talk about SEX, SEX and more SEX. What do you think?

Get involved and let us hear how you define "SexYOUality."

Check out some events we have planned for this term:

  • Throughout the Term
    • Poster Campaign Defining Our Sexual Experiences
  • February 13
    • Survey and Booth at the Center for Women and Gender "Sex Festival"
    • Collis Common Ground, 5-7pm
  • Community Lunch and Discussion
    • "Says Who? Defining Abstinence and SexYOUality"
      Going down, Hooking up, Holding Hands, French Kiss...
      Is it sexually active?
    • Wednesday, February 26th, 12:30pm
      Tindle Lounge in Thayer
    • Cosponsored by the Let's Talk About Sex Committee.

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