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Sexuality, Women, and Gender

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2003 Fall Awareness Campaign

Women Supporting Women

Monday, November 3rd marks the start of ...

"Women Supporting Women"
An Awareness Campaign,
brought to you by...
the Center for Women and Gender,
the Panhellenic Council,
the Women of Color Collective,
and the Pan-Asian Council

During this 3-week campaign, will be exploring the ways that Dartmouth women do and do not support one another, as well as the reasons for why this may be. Our goal is to create an open dialogue among Dartmouth women about the ways that they may or may not feel supported, and how we can better address these issues.

Week One: November 3rd to 9th

  • Look for us at the table in Thayer lobby Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, from 5pm to 8pm. We'll be handing out campaign buttons and quick surveys asking Dartmouth women about the ways in which they do and do not feel well-supported here on campus.
  • Look for the poster display highlighting women Trailblazers throughout Dartmouth history -- women who supported one another and achieved something great, or who worked to create better support systems for other women here at Dartmouth.

Week Two: November 10th to 16th

  • Come see Amanda Cochrane of WISE speak on "Healthy Women, Healthy Relationships" in 28 Silsby at 5pm on Thursday, November 13th. She will be addressing issues of relationships and support.
  • Look for us at the table in Thayer lobby, again from 5pm to 8pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. This time, we'll be handing out lots of information about healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to look for healthy support from others, and how to best support a friend in need.
  • We will also be selling campaign t-shirts. All of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will benefit WISE (a local organization providing support for women in need). If you miss us in Thayer and would still like to buy a t-shirt, please blitz Reena Dutta.

Week Three: November 17th to 23rd

  • Come to the Top of the Hop on Monday, November 17th to see our culminating event: A panel of strong, diverse Dartmouth women, speaking about their own experiences here -- what they have learned, how they have supported others, how they have (or have not) felt supported themselves, why they think this might be the case. This is an event not to be missed. Refreshments will be provided.
  • Look for posters around campus displaying the results of Week One's surveys about how Dartmouth women feel about the support they receive from one another here.
  • First year women, check your HB for a booklet of information, resources, stories, and advice provided for you by upper-class women who have been there.

Also, check out these related events on campus:

  • Brought to you by SHAC as part of Mental Health Awareness Week: A fireside chat about women and depression at Alpha Xi on Wednesday, November 12th at 6:30pm. A female counselor will be there to speak and mediate a discussion about issues of depression in women. Dinner will be provided.
  • As part of Alpha Theta Co-ed's "Sisterhood Week," a panel and reception at 2pm at Alpha Theta on Saturday, November 8th. The alumni panelists will discuss what it meant to them to be a woman in a co-ed as an undergraduate and how that experience impacted their lives at Dartmouth.

Questions? Comments? Interested in getting involved?
Please blitz Leigh Heeter, Awareness Campaigns Coordinator for the Center for Women and Gender.

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