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Our Mission

The Center for Gender and Student Engagement (CGSE) strives to foster student development with a focus on gender exploration and social justice in a safe and inclusive space. With this in mind, we work toward a community that values the diversity of gender, social equity, and safety for each individual. 


  • To become a visible and utilized resource for students, including self-identified men's and women's leadership initiatives

  • To broaden the scope of the CGSE, to include the diversity of gender at Dartmouth

  • To strengthen campus collaboration with faculty and staff, including the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID)

Founded in 1988, the Center for Gender and Student Engagement (CGSE), students, staff, and faculty associated with the CGSE is committed to meeting the diverse identities of all community members in support of the mission of the College. The CGSE fulfills this aim through programming, events, individual and student group advising, and individual engagement opportunities.

The CGSE is located on 6 Choate Road, nestled in between Little and Brown residence halls.


The CGSE is open from Monday through Friday from 8:15am-5pm. Feel free to stop by, study, grab a cup of tea, or find out about resources.

The space is available for special programs and events. If you would like to request use of the space for a meeting or program, please contact Karen Tucker,


Last Updated: 8/28/13