2003 Revels Morris Dance

PART I: Handkerchief dance  (GMM only)
Saturday night music

A music:  2 double steps, shuffle back, 2 double steps, leaper
B music:  2 double steps, leaper,  2 double steps, 4 plain capers with waves.

10 dancers, A-J (the first dancer  might do some fools magic, but will 
probably only dance B music).  Dancer B joins,  B goes over A then A over B.  
C and D join (note they are shown lower case below to indicate they have just
joined in - ignore the lower case and you see the situation just before new dancers come in).
A goes over C and B over D, then C over A and D over B (ending as with cap letters in 4)
The 4th verse is a bit different.  6 new dancers come in (one at each end and 4 in the center).
ALL 10 dancers face the audience for this verse, then all face left for the first leapers 
(where F,B,J,G, and C go over their neighbor).  Then D moves over one place 
right, and in second leapers,  H,I,A,E leap and C moves over.  That puts B
and A in the center during the last phrase they and also I (Karl) may do
something gymnastic. 
A=Thomas, B=David, C=Tim, D=Jahn, E=Brendan,F=Zach,G=Peter,H=Keegan,I=Karl,J=Nick

10 person version (audience at bottom of page)
Verse configuration		notes
 1    A				(first dancer alone)
 2   BA				(just as 2nd joins)
 3    dBAc			(just as 3rd&4th start)
 4 fDBhjigACe		(next 6 arrive face LEFT)
    DFHBIJAGEC		(after 1st leap all 10)
   DHFIBAJEG C		(after 2nd leap all 10)
   DHFIBAJEGC		(IBA something gymnastic)
		(IBA something gymnastic)

MLM enter on the last 4 plain capers with waves, in line facing GMM; one
GMM moves over to their side to form a double line of 
18 persons [9 GMM on one side, 8 MLM + 1 GMM on other]  MLM brings sticks
for GMM as well, handoff during first A of Part II.

PART II: Stick Dance (GMM plus MLM)
Headington Constant Billy chorus.  Two short sticks.
Single stepping (that's all MLM does, and contrasts to previous)
Number of dancers:  18 (Maple Leaf girls join at start, bringing sticks)

A: Meet partner, get sticks, back up home
A: Footup
B: chorus, chorus
A: Half jib right
A: Half jib left
B chorus, chorus-ALL UP (last chorus ends together, right, ft,j)
Chorus=together, right, together, left, together, right, left, right.