Back country ski options on Mt. Mooselauke:
The Al Merril Ski Loop or the Carriage Road are both fun for the
intermediate/advanced backcountry skiier, but depend on having a fair
amount of snow.  The Al Merrill trail crosses many streams, so you have
to deal with these on one part of the loop.  Both trails are accessed
from the Mooselauke Ravine Lodge, off of Route 118.  You have to ski in
about 3 miles from the parking just off 118 to the lodge before getting
to the trail heads.  Equipment needed for backcountry skiing on Mt
Mooselauke:  sturdy touring, back-country, or telemark skis and boots;
gaiters, wind gear (including face mask and goggles); climbing skins,
layers of clothing for winter ski-touring and hiking.  You can get to
the top of Mooselauke from the end of the Carriage Road, but it's
really windy up there!

Brief descriptions from Dan Nelson:
The Merril Ski Loop follows trails and old logging roads through the
woods.  It has one long, gradual climb and a nice, long (but not
hair-raising) downhill glide.  Skiers with intermediate skills
(comfortable climbing on skis, and a strong snowplow and wedge turns)
should find this a fun tour.  The Carriage Road is a relatively flat on
the first third, then climbs steadily for the last two thirds.   Skiers
should have intermediate to advanced skills.  Sometimes the upper
stretches of the Carriage Road are windblown and icy, and there are
some sharp turns on some of the steeper sections.  It's pretty easy in
good conditions, but sometimes challenging in difficult conditions.