Pinewoods Camper's Week 2004

English Dances Morning Class and Evening

presented by Chris Levey (except as noted)


DANCE                                 SET       HARD   TIME     KEY/AUTHOR/TUNE/DATE

Adson's Sarabande                 3C          hard-       4/4          F The New Exchange 1665

An Early Frost                         LD          e-m         3/4          Callens

Apley House                           LD          easy+     2/2          C 1703

Ashford Anniversary               3C          med        2/2          F Hume (tune Phalese 1580)

Autumn in Amherst                 LD          med        4/4          D

Barbarini's Tamborine            LD          med        2/4          D 17(called by Mike Franch)

Black Jack (variant)                 SCir        easy        6/8          G Trad

Childgrove                               LD          easy        2/2          Dm 1701

Christchurch Bells                   LD          easy        2/2          C 1686

Draper's Gardens                   LD          easy        3/4          G Margravine's Waltz

Dublin Bay                              LD          med        12/8        Cm 1713(called by Robin Rogers-Browne)

Easter Morn                            LD          med        4/4          Cm Bogue

Elizabeth (see below *)           LD          med        3/4          G Hume:slow-q=120

Face the Music                        LD          hard        4/4          Em Herman

Face the Music                        LD          m-h         4/4          Em Herman

Fair Quaker of Deal                LD          easy        6/8          D 1728

Faithless Nancy Dawson         LD          easy        4/4          D contemporary

Fandango                                3Cpl       med        6/8          D 1774

Fast Packet                              LD          easy        32barHornpipe Lilly

Female Sayler                          LD          easy        6/8          Bb 1706

Freeford Gardens                    LD          easy        2/4          G CDSS157Wrights/EdgewthBmkns

Friendly Brooke                      LT          hard        9/8          Em Sackett (Tune: Butterfly)(presented by Carl Friedman)

Gay Gordons Mixer                Scirc       easy        4.4          G Scotland the Brave  

Hambleton's Round O             LT          med++   3/2          Cm 1713

Heidenrosein                           4CSq      med        3/4          G Shaw

Hudson Barn                           LD          med+      3/4          G/AM J.Schwab/C.Hammond 1974

Indian Princess                        Cmix      easy        2/2          F Hume

Indian Queen                           LD          easy        2/2          D

Jack's Health                          LD          med        6/8          Am1686]

Jacque Latin                            LD          med        2/2          G 1755 (called by Carl Friedman)

Knives and Forks                    LD          med        3/2          G 1726

Levi Jackson Rag                    5C          med        2/4          G Shaw (called by Robin Rogers-Browne)       

Lilliburlero                              LD          easy        6/8          G 1690

Look Both Ways                     LD          med        6/8          Gm RichJackson (to Jump@theSun) called by Carl Friedman)

Lovers' Knot, The                    LDimp    med+      6/8          Gm Kitch Tune:Kilburn

Mad Robin                              LD          med        2/2          Bb 1686

Morpeth Rant                          LD          e-m         2/4          D Trad

Newcastle                                4CSq      m-h         2/2          G 1651

Ninepin Reel                           4C+1      easy        4/4          CDM(called by Mike Franch)

Nottingham Swing                  LD          easy        4/4          D Philabelula All the Way trad

Ore Boggy                              LD          easy        2/2          A 1726 (Neal)(called by Mike Franch)

Orleans BaffledDup                LD          med++   3/2          D 1728

Puck's Deceit                          LD          e-m         2/4          C(Sackett/Friendly,Tune:Kettle Drum)

Puck's Deceit                          LD          e-m         2/4          C(Sackett/Friendly,Tune:Kettle Drum)

Queen's Jig                             LD          easy        6/8          G 1701

Randolph Farewell                  3Ccir      med        3/4          G F.Herman/T.Siess

Rose of Sharon                       LD          m-h         2/2          Cm Herman

Round about Coal Fire            LD          med        9/8          G Cook

Sarah                                       LD          med+      3/2          Am(Roodman/Widmn)

Smithy Hill                              LD          med        6/8          Dm Cook/Jenkins

Softly Good Tummas              LD          med        2/4          F (AshawReconstr)(called by Carl Friedman)

Speed the Plough                    LD          easy        4/4          A SharpI-Surrey Trad

Sun Assembly                         LD          med        2/4          A 1750

Sunlight Through Draperies    LD          easy        3/4          D TomRoby/LUnger(CDS177)

Turning of the Tide                 LD          med        3/4          G  Coxall/Bexon(MoonlightMoorings)

Walpole Cottage                      3sSC      easy+     2/4          D/Bm Shaw

Well Hall                                 LD          med        3/2          F 1701(called by Robin Rogers-Browne)

Whirligig                                 3C          hard        6/8          Dm 1651 Woodicock

WinterDreams Waltz              LD          med        3/4          F Roodman/Jensen