Upper Valley ECD 1988-2000 dance dates

NOTE: dance programs have not been transcribed for these dates. For dates and programs of 2001-present, see this page

1988-1991; Monthly dances September-June were led by Chris Levey in the fencing room at Dartmouth College. Live music was used for about half the dances, recordings for the other half. Band members included Wayne and Cindy Cripps, Sara Ferguson, Dennis Healy, and Pete Sandon, and Dorothy Wallace.

1990 Hanover ECD Repertoire

1997-1999: Dances were held in the Jazzercise Center in White River Junction January through May in 1997 and January-April in 1998 and 1999.

2000 We have now moved to a larger space. Dances are held in Tracy Hall, Norwich, January-April

2001 Tracy Hall, Norwich 2002 Tracy Hall, Norwich
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