Norwich VT English Country Dance Summer Series Program

NEW: Summer series Upper Valley ECD starting in 2007,

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Summer 2013 Dance
July 21
1. Midnight Ramble
2. From Rochester to Pittsburgh (Tom Amesse)
3. Joint Effort (Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly)
4. Take a Dance
5. Love and Cherish (Paula Kelley and Val Medve)
6. Mr. John Bremer's Return to Pinewoods (Shag Graetz)
7. Jack by the Hedge (Jan Dale)
8. Beach Spring (Leslie Lasseter)

9. St Katherine's (Clinton Hume's version)
10. Giverny (Terry Glasspool)
11. Jovial Beggars
12. Fenterlarick (Joyce Walker)
13. Weekend in Wilton (Susan and Tom Amesse)

Val Medve called 1-6 and 13
Dan Seppeler called 7-12

Summer 2007 Series
August 19

July 22 

July 1, 2007
Music: Joyce Crouch and Thal Aylward
Calling: David Millstone

St. Albans
Dunrobin Castle
Kind and Easey
The Old Maid in Hopes
Love and a Bottle
Emperor of the Moon

Paul's Pet Peeve
Halsway Manners
Prince George's Birthday
The Wood Duck 

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