The Brattleboro Dawn Labor Day Dance 2001 ENGLISH COUNTRY Program

The following is the actual progaram of dances called at the Labor Day Dawn Dance English Country Dance session, with wonderful music by Joyce Crouch, Doug Creighton, and Van Kaynor, and calling by Chris Levey.

Dance                    form   time  key difficulty author 
Faithless Nancy Dawson     LD    4/4  D     easy
Sun Assembly               LD    2/4  A     med
Comical Fellow             LD    6/8  D     easy
Sarah                      LD    3/2  Am    med+  Gary Roodman,Widmn
Fandango                   3 cpl 6/8  D     med    
Pursuit EpsomNewWells)     LD    2/2  G     med   Shaw version 
Easter Morn                LD    4/4  Cm    med   Erna Lynn Bogue 
Fast Packet                LD    32bHrnpi   easy  Bob Lilly
Round about our Coal Fire  LD    9/8  G     med    
Ashford Anniversry         3C    2/2  F     med+  Charles Bolton
Queen's Jig                LD    6/8  G     easy 
Mad Robin                  LD    2/2  Bb    med
Lovers' Knot (Kilburn)     LDimp 6/8  Gm    med+  Jim Kitch 
Dublin Bay                 LD    12/8 Cm    med