Amherst Pleasures of the Town Dance Program January 29, 2002

  • Music: Pleasures of the Town with Susan Conger
  • Calling: Chris Levey
    Dance                 form   difficulty time  key author/notes 
    Indian Queen		LD	easy	2/2	D (basics for beginners)
    Juice of Barley		LD	e-m	6/8	Am (feel smooth/mesmerize style)
    Easter Morn		LD	med	4/4	Cm Erna-Lynn Bogue
    Puck's Deceit 		LD	e-m	2/4 	C Sackett/Friendly,Tune:Kettle Drum
    Pursuit 		LD	med	2/2	G Tune:EpsomNewWells
    Glendevon		LD	m-h	3/4	G Alisa Dodson/Tune:Alan Dodson
    Adson's Saraband	3C	hard-	4/4	F 
    Morpeth Rant		LD	easy	2/4	D Traditional
    Face the Music		LD	hard	4/4	Em Fried Herman/Tune:Eric Scott
    Mr. Isaac's Maggot	LD	med	3/2	C
    Mad Robin		LD	med	2/2	Bb
    Lovers' Knot		LDimp	med+	6/8	Gm Kitch Tune:Kilburn
    Ashford Anniversry	3C	med+	2/2	F Charles Bolton
    Margaret's Waltz	Scirc	easy	3/4	A Pat Shaw
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