Amherst Pleasures of the Town Dance Program April 17, 2004

  • Music: Pleasures of the Town with Anna Patton (clarinet)
  • Calling: Chris Levey
    The dance program is dedicated to the late Jack Shimer, and includes his all time favorite, Newcastle, and some others in his top 10 list:  Up with Ailey  and Jack's Maggot (the last dance he did in Vermont, just over a year ago).  It also includes Randolph farewell (dedicated to Jack and Genny), and Adson's Saraband, a dance Genny taught in considerable detail to advanced classes.
    Dance                 form   difficulty time  key author/notes 
    Comical Fellow		LD	easy	6/8	D	1776
    SunlightTrDraperies	LD	easy	3/4	D TomRoby/LUnger(CDSSNews177)
    Jack's Maggot		LD	easy+	2/2	D 1703
    Newcastle		4CSq	med++	2/2	G 1651
    Turning of the Tide	LD	med	3/4	G Coxall/Bexon(MoonlightMoorings)
    Adson's Saraband	3C	hard-	4/4	F 
    Speed the Plough	LD	easy	4/4	A
    Randolph Farewell	3Ccir	med-	3/4	G F.Herman/T.Siess 
    Up with Aily		LD	med	3/2	Am (Hare¹s) 1703
    An Early Frost          LD	med-	3/4      Callens
    Juno and Pallis 	3C	med	6/8	Bb (in ComeŠMerry)
    Man for Woman made	LD	med	2/2	C
    Lovers' Knot		Ldimp	med+	6/8	Gm Kitch Tune:Kilburn
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