Strafford Ball Condensed Dance Instructions

The Strafford Ball ~ 2017

Dance Credits for recently composed dances

The Strafford Ball ~ 2017

n  = dance appearing for the first time at the Ball

n  The Astonished Archaeologist 3 cpl set

(Philippe Callens)

A   All set to partners; RH turn halfway

      Set to partners; LH turn halfway

A   Right diagonals back to back (R sh).

      Partners 2-hand turn ¾; finish w/ extra individ. turn to the R so partners stand back to back.

B   Hey for six until you meet partner, 1st  W & 3rd man start by looping L, others pass R sh.

      Partners L-sh gypsy 3/4, ending in longways set, close to partner, all proper.

Order is now 3-2-1.

B   Joining hands, fall bk a dbl & come fd a dbl.

      Top two couples circle L halfway, then cross R sh with partner while bottom cpl (orig 1s) turn partner 2 hands 1x


Bar a Bar       longways, duple minor

A. All meet and turn s. R. Circle 4 once around.

A. Lead neighbor out & back. Partners bk to bk.

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners change.

      Women lead through men and cast back.

      Face up & down and lead forward (& back) with partner to meet other couple.

      2s cast, 1s lead up, all turn 1/2 with partner.

      Half poussette (CCW: W1 & M2 advance to begin)


Bare Necessities (Pat Shaw)     three couple round

A. Women R-hand star once; men L-h star once

A. Grand chain half-way (3 changes with 2 waltz steps for each); men turn partner clockwise under joined LH into ballroom position

B. W/ partner, 2 chassés to ctr; face out (W’s RH in M’s LH), balance away from and toward ptn; in ballroom hold, 2 chassés away from ctr to place, face ctr (W’s LH in M’s RH), balance away and to partner, ending in ring of six

C. All circle left halfway to orig. place; all face partner and R. sh. gypsy, continue passing original corner R sh, turn R to new place and new partner


Bellamira longways, duple minor

(Reconstruction by Charles Bolton)

A. Couple1 lead down, turn alone, lead up, gate to face down, improper.

A. Siding into line w/ nbr; 2-hand turn.

B. Change places w/ partner R sh and back away (like Hole in the Wall); M2 cast up, W2 follow, ending in 1st place, proper. All now progressed

B. M1 change by R sh with W2 (1st corner people in 2nd  corner places), others change; All clap, circle halfway, and turn single L


n Doctor Vincent's Delight (Charles Bolton) 3 cpl set

A Set fd to ptn, tum single to place. Ptns RH tum.

A Face ptn: individually, fall back a double and come forward. Ptns LH turn.

B M2 down, W2 up: RH stars with end couples. All gypsy ptn R sh.

   M2 up, W2 down: for LH stars with end couples. All gypsy ptn L sh.

B Take hands in lines of 3: fall back, come forward, and circle 6 to the L halfway

      Back to back ptn and cross over R sh. Two top M and two bottom W change places back–wards on the line, passing Rsh, as Ml &  W3 turn single R to face in.

All have a new partner and new position.


An Early Frost (Philippe Callens) longways duple minor

A   Men turn single R, partner R-hands turn halfway; Women turn single  L, partner L-hand turn halfway.

A   All turn single R, R-hands across 1x, easing out to face neighbor, pass through. Progressed.

B   All set to ptnr, ptnrs cross R sh; circle L once;

B   Half poussette  CW (1M, 2W fwd), 1s cross & go below while  2s 2-hand turn half, then take 2 side-steps up middle.

Hambleton’s Round O longways, triple minor

A Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s. R; face ptnr to start circular hey (4 changes)


Hudson Barn             longways, duple minor

      (Jacqueline Schwab & Charles Hammond)

AA. Circle 4 left once; L hands across half; 2M&1W drop out while 1M&2W continue 1½  

BB. Circle 4 right once; R hands across half; as A. but diagonals reverse roles.

AA. All back to back nbrs along line; M turn by L 1/2 while W turn R 1/2; 1s half fig 8 to home.

BB. 1s down the ctr and back; 1s cast, 2s move up, all turn ptnrs to own side (2s turn 1 1/2)


Jaque Latin  longways, duple minor

A   1st woman hey for 3 with men, L-shoulder to 2nd man to begin, return to place

A   1st man hey for 3 with women, R-shoulder to 2nd woman to begin.

B   1st couple cross R-shoulder and cast down 1 place, below 2nd couple (2s moving up), cross R-shoulder and cast down 1 more place (2s remaining in place).

B   (1-2) 1st couple lead up center one place to face original 2nd couple

      (3-4) 1st couple keeping hands with partner, all set to neighbor.

      (5-8) 1st couple lead up thru the 2nd couple & cast down

C   All set twice to corner; L-hands across.

C   All set twice to corner; R-hands across.




n  Michedonia   (Dan Blim)  Longways, duple minor

Awaiting permission

n  Minor Spaniard (Jenny Beer) Longways duple

A   1st corners set & turn single, 1st man 2-H turn with partner

A   2nd corners set & turn single, 2nd man 2-H turn with partner

B   1s lead down center for 4 steps, set to each other

      Lead up and cast to 2nd place, 2s moving up

B   Circle L once around; 2s gate the 1s up and around to progressed place


n  The Potter's Wheel (Chris Sackett & Brooke Friendly) longways, duple minor

A   Four changes of rights and lefts (R-hand to partner to begin)

      Ones R-hand turn 1½ to end facing #2 woman (#1 gent in lead)

B   L-shoulder hey for 3 across the set with Ones dancing in tandem ("dolphin hey")

      2s follow curve of hey to make big cast up to 1st  place while Ones, with #1 man in lead, go down middle of set and curve to own side in 2nd place

      Partners R-hand turn once round


The Pursuit longways, duple minor

A1 First man hey with both women, finishes by casting into second place (Second man move up)

A2 First W does same with men (Second W move up)

B1 First couple lead thru NEXT couple below and cast up, while 2nd cpl cast up the outside and lead down to progressed place; All turn Ptnr

B2 Ones figure-8 up through original Twos

Round About Our Coal Fire longways, duple minor

(Based on Tom Cook’s interpretation)

A. Cpl.1 lead down (1 bar), turn inwards & lead up (1 bar); 1s cast down, 2s leading up (2 bars); orig. Cpl.2 do the same, all back to orig. places

B. Cpl.1 & W2 straight hey for 3 across room, (W2 pass left shoulders with M1); Cpl.1 continue the hey w/ M2, who starts by passing W1 by R sh.

A. W1 advances towards M2, who retreats, w/ 2 hands pulls him to ctr of set; they turn 2-hands 1x & fall bk; M1 does the same w/ W2

B. Cpl.1 cross, cast belowCpl.2 (who move up), Cpl.1 2-hands-turn half, fall back to prog. places; partners facing, circular-hey, 4 changes.


Sun Assembly longways, duple minor

A. Circle half and fall back, keep hands with neighbor, 1s move fd and 2s bk up (gate) to progressed place, imp; Couple1 half fig.8 through couple above, who change places after 1s go thru, all set and turn single

B. Cpl.1 R hand across w/ cpl. below, cpl.1 L hand across with couple above;

      Cpl.1 lead through cpl below and cast up, partners turn 2-hands


n  Trip to Provence (Susan Kevra)

      Longways, duple minor, improper

A   Ones half figure-8 down

      Balance RH; box the gnat

A   Twos half figure-8 up

      Balance RH ; box the gnat

B   All join hands, balance in and out as you rotate Left (CW) one place; Repeat

      Pass partner R; turn immediately into L sh gypsy with opp sex nbr. on side of set

B   Open Ladies Chain over and back

n  Vermont Friends (Philippe Callens) duple minor

A First man draws his partner (both hands) to the men's wall, first lady finishing in the centre of the set, first man finishing on the outside.

   Ones move round twos: 1st lady moves down ctr and then L around 2nd lady into her partner's original place, while 1st man moves down the outside and then follows his partner around the 2nd lady into her original place.

   Likewise, M2 draw W2 toward men's wall and continue as above. All are now improper.

B Corners cross simultaneously ("Clumps", aka Hole in the Wall style).

    Circle left halfway, keeping the circle wide.

    Two changes of rights and lefts, giving hands, partners start RH (no polite turn).

    Partners two-hand turn.


Wakefield Hunt longways, triple minor, triple progression

A.  M1 casts below M2 (who moves up), sets to W3, and 2-hand turn 1x.

A.  W1 does similarly. 1s are now in 2nd place.

B.  Hands-six, slipping circle L & R.

B.  Ones gate down through 3s below and gate up through 2s above.

C. Ones RH star with 3s; LH star with 2s.

C. 1s and 3s, 3 changes of R & L (lots of time). At end, ones go down outside of next 2s (who move up to become 3s in new set.)


Practice sessions will be held 7–9:30 PM in the multi-purpose room of the Marion Cross School in Norwich (enter through front door of school, near Church Street), on alternating Thursdays & Tuesdays: September 21, 26, Oct. 5, October 10. (Check for any last-minute location changes. There is no charge to attend; contributions for musicians are encouraged. A review session will be held in South Strafford on the day of the Ball from 1–4 PM.