The Strafford Ball ~ 2016

Dance Credits for recently composed dances

The Strafford Ball ~ 2016

Twenty-second Annual

= dance appearing for the first time at the Ball

Barbarini’s Tambourine (longways, duple minor)

A. First corners cast L (man down, woman up) around nbrs, pass by L shoulder in ctr, cast R around partner to end in each other’s place

A. Second corners do similar: cast right, pass right shoulder, cast left around neighbor (end with all progressed and improper)

B. All fall back and cross to proper side, facing neighbor (4); with neighbor, back to back; partners, back to back

B. 4 changes of rights and lefts (with hands), starting with partner (8); partners two-hand turn once around

Bellamira (longways, duple minor)

Reconstruction by Charles Bolton

A. Couple1 lead down, turn alone, lead up, gate to face down, improper. 

A. Siding w/ neighbor; two-hand turn once around. 

B. Change places with partner (right shoulder, slow); M2 cast up, W2 follow, ending in 1st place,  proper.

B. M1 change with W2 (1st corner people in 2nd corner places), others change; All clap, circle halfway, and turn single L

Christina (longways, duple improper) 

Dance by Naomi Alexander

A. Set to partner, turn single; RH turn once

A. Neighbor LH turn; set to neighbor, turn single 

B. Circle left halfway, fall bk from partner; two changes of R&L (to home)

B. Poussette CCW halfway (men fd to start); 1s lead up & cast down

Companions (longways, duple minor)

Dance by Victor Skowronski

A. Single file circle left one place, balance into center and back.  

A. Repeat all that, moving one more place.

B. M1&2W chevron, i.e. change by R, then back up into neighbor’s place while W1 cast down, & M2 cast up to neighbor’s place, all ending improper (un-progressed.

B. All pousette CW ½+, release hands and merge into line of 4 across: 1W 2W 1M 2M

C. All hey 6 changes (1M 2W start w/ L shldr), end: 2W 2M 1W 1M.

C. 1W 2M gypsy L ¾ WHILE 1M&2W loop R ending progressed in center of set; all gypsy ptnr R 1¼ to progressed place.

Easter Thursday (longways, duple minor)

Tune is 24 bars, in triple time. 

A. Neighbors back to back, partners back to back; neighbors turn, partners turn. 

B. All balance back, forward, to the R, to the L, then turn single to place; Cpl.1 half figure 8 down, then cross and go below Cpl.2 (who move up); all 2 hand turn with partner.

Easter Tuesday (longways, duple proper)

A. M1 cast to 2nd pl & turn single. 

(M2 moving up.)

A. W1 cast to 2nd pl & turn single.  

(W2 moving up.)

B. Partners bk to bk; Neighbors bk to bk.

B. Rights & lefts, 4 changes.

Fandango (three-couple longways set)

I A. Cpl.1 turn by R hand; long cast to 2nd place

A. Cpl.1 turn by L hand; long cast to 3rd place

B. Slipping circle 6 to L; and R

B. Cpl.1 lead to top; cast to middle (3s move down), meet, and turn single down

II.A. Contrary corners (2 hand): M1 turn W3 while W1 turn M2; cpl.1 turn 2-hands

A. M1 turn W2 2-hands while W1 turn M3; Cpl.1 turn 1 1/2 in ctr (end skipping)

B. Figure-8s across: M1 figure-8 thru top couple (pass R shoulder with W2) while W1 figure-8 thru bottom cpl. (pass R shoulder with M3), Cpl.1 pass by L sh.

B. Heys for 3 across: M1 hey w/ bot. cpl while W1 hey w/top cpl; Cpl.1 lead to bottom)

Fenterlarick  (longways, duple minor)

Dance by Joyce Walker

A. First corners side; first corners set toward each other and turn single back to place

A. Second corners the same

B. Women lead through the M,  cast back to place; Men lead through the W, then cast bk to place

B. Partner left hand 3/4  to form line of four up and down the set; First woman and second man right-hand turn 1-1/2 while first man and second woman continue around (CCW) to change places and meet partner; partner turn left hand 3/4 to progressed places

Hambleton’s Round O (longways, triple proper)

A. Couple 1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple 3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple 2 (pass M2 by L). Couple 1 quick turn two-hands in middle

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all turn single; face partner to start circular hey (4 changes)

Leslie's Valentine (longways, duple minor)

Dance by Scott Higgs, for Leslie Talon

A. W1 set fwd to M2, both turn single; W1 cast down (W2 moves up) then continue across set, while M2 follows her (chase), ending with W1&2M below and improper.

A. On sides, all face ptnr, set & turn single, flowing into; single file circle CW ¾ (W chasing ptnr), ending 1s below proper, 2s above improper.

B 1s dance single Mad Robin (1W start up inside);  1s 2-hand turn once & face up WHILE 2s 2-hand turn ½ & cast to end of line of 4 facing up (all proper).

B. Lines up a dbl and back; lines set (facing up), 2s gate 1s up&around to prog.

The Lovers’ Knot (longways, duple improper) 

Dance by Jim Kitch.  Tune:  Indian Point

A. Back to back neighbor while facing partner (similar to Mad Robin chase); half poussette CW

A. Circle left four, 3/4  around; 2-hand turn partner on side, ending facing across set, men on left

B. Men start left-shoulder hey, go seven places (ending with men on the outside facing in, women facing partners)

B. Gypsy partner1-1/2; men turn 1/2 by L, women then join forming L.H. across 1/2 to prog. place.

Mendocino Redwood (lngways, duple minor)

Dance by Mary Devlin, Bob Fraley, and Elizabeth Zekley at Mendocino Camp

A. Up a double and back; 2s ½ figure of 8 up through 1s.

A. Down a double and back; 1s ½ figure of 8 down through 2s.

B. R-hands across, L-hands back

B. 1st diag change L-shldr, 2nd diag change R-shldr, all turn ptnr 2-hand 1x, face up.

Peace Be With You (longways, duple minor)

Dance by Fried de Metz Herman

A. 1st diagonals set, change by R-shldr; all R-hands across ½, all turn single L.

A. Repeat w/ 2nd diagonals setting & crossing.

B 2-changes Rights and Lefts (hands); all 2-hand turn ptnr 1½ into:

B Circle L ½; fall back holding neighbor’s hand, 2s gate 1s up&around to progressed place.

Sally in our Alley (longways, duple minor)

       Dance reconstructed by Jacqueline Schwab.  

A.  (12)  1st corners cast left (M1 down, W2 up) around neighbors, pass L-sh in ctr and loop right around prtnr into each other’s place

A.  (12)  2nd corners cast R (M2 up, W1 down) around neighbors, pass R sh in center and loop L around same-sex neighbor into each other’s place

B. (12)  All fall back, return & cross with partner, looping R into…

      (12)  Four changes of circular hey

B. First corners (in 2nd corner places) change by L shoulder; 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) change by R sh; quick circle left once (all home, improper) (6); Cpl.1 long cast off (6) and 2-hand turn while Cpl.2 move up and two-hand turn 1-1/2

Sapphire Sea (longways, duple minor)

Dance by Christine Robb

A. Circle L once, 1st diagonals turn by R.

A. 2nd diagonals turn by L, 1s cast WHILE 2s lead up and cast ending behind neighbor in line of 4 across with W2 facing W1, all others facing W’s wall.

B. Dolphin Hey(1s act as a unit): with W1 in lead, 1s both pass R shoulder with W2 to start hey, 1s change lead at each end.  End back in line of 4 & face up.

B. Line of 4 up a double and back,  2's gate 1's up and around, releasing early enough to progress smoothly. 

Softly Good Tummas (longways, duple minor)

Dance reconstructed by Andrew Shaw

A. 1s&2s single file circle half CW; All fwd to meet in ctr, turn single L back out, clap (2nd beat bar 8)

A. Repeat CCW, turning single R to face.

B. 1s quick cast down, 2s lead up, ptnrs set; 2 changes rights and lefts (hands)

B. Set falling bk, cross by R shldr, turn R to face; 1s turn by R dwn to 2nd place WHILE 2s cast to 1st place.

Turning by Threes (3-cpl circle)

Dance by Gary Roodman

A. Circle left (2 bars),turn single L; repeat all to R; w/ partner, long back-to-back; Two quick changes of W&L, w/ hands, then RH turn with the next person once around into… 

B Men L-hands across 1x (back to these new places), Women R-hands across 1x; Men dance to the ctr. with 2 sgl steps; as M fall back, W dance to ctr. with 2 single steps; W look over R sh and gypsy with this new ptnr, about once and 1/4 around, bk into circle

Whiskey Before Dinner (duple improper)

Dance by Gary Roodman

A. RH across halfway; W cross; then M cross.

A. Circle L halfway; Face Nbr and back-to-back ¾ on sides into wavy lines of 4 (1s facing up, 2s down, M in the middle).

B. In a wave, all set R and L (in triple time); M RH turn halfway in middle; then LH turn halfway on ends & face P along line.

B. Set R & L to P; partial hey (W pass P by R, loop R all the way to face out again, extending LH), while M weave across the set (put out RH)

C. With Nbr, lead away; turn alone, lead bk, pass thru, and turn around into . . .

C. Four changes of R and L.