The Strafford Ball ~ 2015

Dance Credits for recently composed dances

= dance appearing for the first time at the Ball

Ashford Anniversary (3-couple longways, mixer) Dance by Charles Bolton

I. A. Up a dbl & back; lines fall bk a dbl & fd

B. Chorus: On R diag (M1 & W2, M2 & W3), set & change pl while W1 & M3 go CCW ½ to change places; all turn s.; set w/ newprtner, turn 2 hands 1½ to own side

II. Siding into lines (R sh, then L sh); Chorus

III. Arming; Chorus

The Bonny Cuckoo (4-couple longways set) Dance by Gail Ticknor, Tune in triple time by Carolan;

A Cpl 1 dance down ctr past 2 cpls, cast up

one place (2s moving up); Cpl 1 cross byRH & change places by LH with nbrbelow;

A 4th couple does similar (start up ctr., etc.) Order of the set is now 2-4-3-1)

B Hands 8, circle L; balance in & out; releasehands, W balance in & out (moving R),while M balance out & in (moving L tochange places with neighbor)

B Hands 8, circle R; balance, partners 2-handturn to end proper (2-3-4-1) Repeat 3x

Christina (longways, duple improper) Dance by Naomi Alexander

A. Set to partner, turn single; RH turn once

A. Neighbor LH turn; set to neighbor, turnsingle

B. Circle left halfway, fall bk from partner;two changes of R&L (to home)

B. Poussette CCW halfway (men fd. to start);Ones lead up & cast down

Easter Tuesday (longways, duple proper)

A. M1 cast to 2nd pl & turn single.

(M2 moving up.)

A. W1 cast to 2nd pl & turn single.

(W2 moving up.)

B. Partners bk to bk; Neighbors bk to bk.

B. Rights & lefts, 4 changes.

Elizabeth (longways, duple proper) Dance by Colin Hume.

A. Ones set; 2-hand turn half. Same w/ nbr.

B. Back to back with partner. Circle L halfway,come in close to partner, fall bk w/neighbor

C. Open ladies chain (l.h. turn with men)

D. Overlapping: Ones cross & go below, half figure-8 up, while twos wait two bars,half fig-8 up and lead up

Emperor of the Moon (longways, duple proper)

A. Partners set R&L, turn sgl, end facinge nbr;Nbrs. 2-hand turn 1x, end facing partnerw/ hands joined w/ neighbor

A. Nbrs fd. & back, release hands; partners setR&L, 1s cast down, 2s lead up

B. Cpl2 cross by R sh, move down outsideinto 2nd place, Ones lead up & face out;Cpl2 half fig-8 up thru Ones, w/ handturns (M L, W R)

B. Ones cross, etc., as in B.

Hambleton’s Round O (longways, triple proper)

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 quick turn two-hands in middle

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all turn single; face partner to start circular hey (4 changes)

Handel With Care (2 cpl)Dance by Gary Roodman

I. A. Partners fd. a dbl to other cpl & fall bk Partners lead away a dbl and fall back

B. M1 and W2, followed by partners, castoff into line of 4 (M1 & W2 inside)facing up; Line of 4 go up a dbl & bk,bending line into circle

B. Circle L halfway; turn single R; Starting with P, 3 changes circular hey

II. A. Partners siding into lines: R sh, L sh

B. 1&2 As above

III. A. Partners arm right; arm left

B. 1&2 As above

Key to the Cellar (longways, triple proper) Dance by Jenny Beer

A. 1st couple cast; gate down through the 3rdcouple.

A. Lines forward and back; 1st couple gate upthrough the 2nd couple.

B. Heys across the dance, 1st woman up with2nd couple, 1st man down with 3rdcouple.

B. 1st couple gypsy; All turn two hands

Knives and Forks (longways, duple proper)

A. Cpl.1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up);Cpl.1 back-to-back

A. Cpl.1 cast back to place (2s move down);Cpl.1 back-to-back

B. Lead out with neighbor, lead back; crosswith partner & loop R (ending improper)

B. M1 & W2 cross, W1 and M2 cross; all turnpartner 2-hands

Leather Lake House (longways, triple proper)

A. First and second couples set to partners,then two quick changes of circular hey(no hands).

Repeat to places.

A. Cpl1 cross & cast below as Twos lead up;Ones (in middle) two-turn half-way (&face down). First couple lead down thruthird, cast up to second place

B. First lady circle L with Couple2

while first man circles L with Couple3; All turn partners RH.

B. First lady circle R with Couple3

while first man circles R with Couple2;All turn partners LH.

Lilli Burlero (longways, duple proper)

A. Cpl.1 lead down thru 2s and cast up;2s lead up thru 1s and cast down

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners change;

Nbrs fall back a double, come fd, turningsgl R

B. Partners change (pass R sh), neighborschange places, moving bk along line andpassing R sh; partners face and circularhey, 3 changes, skipping

Lucy's Lead (longways, duple proper)Dance by Scott Higgs

A. 1s lead through 2s, cast back; Women 1/2fig 8 thru men [across]

W1& M2 1/2 fig 8 up; Partners gate themup the center, ending with them in themiddle of a line of four.

B. Line leads up, all California twirl partner; Line leads down; all gypsy partner 3/4 RH star ¾; All 2-hand turn P once round

The Mulberry Garden (longways, duple proper)

A. Up a double and back; repeat

B. Fall back a dbl toward wall, return;Two-hand turn partners

A. Partners back to back; neighbors back toback

B. Slipping circle left halfway, Partnerschange places, handing, to face up;

Couple2 (above) cast down & lead up, asCouple1 lead up and cas down

Newcastle (square for 4 couples) 3 parts

I. A. Into center & back; set to prtnr, set to corner

A. Repeat

B. Arm R. partner; all 4 men LH acrosswhile women skip CW around outside

B. Arm L partner; women R hands acrosswhile men skip CCW around outside

II. A. Partners side; slow set & honor, on to next

A. Repeat with new partner

B. New side couples lead in, return &make arch; others cast out, thru arch, place

B. Repeat, reversing roles

III.A. Arm R current partner; arm L 1½ to change places

A. Repeat with new partner, end in lines of4 up and down the hall

B. Lines fall back, come forward; turnsingle, pass R and form new lines acrosshall (former ends now in middle)

B. Repeat, but ending in original place

Noisette (longways, duple proper) Dance by Philippe Callens

A. Women lead between the men, separate &cast back outside P to places (bars 1-4).

W1 and M2 cross R sh & turn R to face in again (5-6); All four cast R & move CWsingle file, one place around (7-8). All improper.

A. Men lead between the W, separate & castback outside P to places (1-4); M1 and W2cross R sh & turn R to face in again (5-6);All four, cast R & move CW single file,one place around (7-8). All home.

B. Ones dance CW around Nbr., then M1moves down middle to finish between the twos (facing M2), while W1 moves down outside to finish facing W2 whoturns R to face out. All now in a line of four (in second place), facing Nbr.

Half a hey for four, neighbors start R sh

B. Twos dance CW halfway around Nbr andmove up the set (M2 up middle, W2 upoutside) to finish in first place impr,facing the ladies’ wall; in bar 2, onesabout-turn R to finish facing men’s wall.

All move CW single file, halfway to home.Partners balance fd & bk; Ones cast down,as twos lead up.

A Trip to Tunbridge (3 couple, longways)

A. Couple1 casts down to bottom of set,“takes a peek” and casts up to top

A. Couple1 leads down center; skipping,same couple lead back and cast to middleplace

B. Couple1 passes R. sh. to turn 1st corners RH (M1 with W3, W1 with M2); passing R sh again, Couple1 turns 2nd corner RH (M1 with W2, W1 with M3)

B. Couple1 passes R shoulders; all face out onown side, then M1 leads 2nd & 3rd men out a dbl & falls back while W1 leads 2nd & 3rd women out a double & falls back. All turn R to face partners; Cpl.1 cast downto bottom while Cpl.2 turn 2-hands andCpl.3 lead up to second place.

Whiskey Before Dinner (duple improper) Dance by Gary Roodman

A. RH across halfway; W cross; then M cross.

A. Circle L halfway; Face Nbr and back-toback ¾ on sides into wavy lines of 4 (1s facing up, 2s down, M in the middle).

B. In a wave, all set R and L (in triple time); MRH turn halfway in middle; then LH turnhalfway on ends & face P along line.

B. Set R & L to P; partial hey (W pass P by R,loop R all the way to face out again,extending LH), while M weave across the set (put out RH)

C1 With Nbr, lead away; turn alone, lead bk,pass thru, and turn around into . . .C2 Four changes of R and L.