The Strafford Ball ~ 2014

Dance Credits for recently composed dances

The Strafford Ball ~ 2014

Twentieth Anniversary

With one exception, all dances in this year's program have been danced in prior years at the Ball. The new dance is being written by Scott Higgs in memory of Lucy Young. Lucy was the driving force behind creating this event, and many of the dances in this year's program were among her favorites.


Alice (longways, duple minor)

Philippe Callens                          Tune is in waltz time

A1 First corners set in place (not moving fd),

      Right hand turn halfway.

A2 Second corners repeat A1.

B   Facing partner, fall back taking two single steps; partners cross by right shoulder, turning right into…Single File Circle (CW) (no hands) all the way around, partners two-hand turn.


Autumn in Amherst (longway, duple imp.)       2003

Philippe Callens; tune is The Red Star Line (Kathy Talvitie)

A   All step R and honor partner, then turn single to the L; Partners LH turn; Neighbors RH turn; Taking hands in a ring of 4, circle L half, then neighbors fall bk.

B   Ladies cross R, then men L; Partners half draw poussette CCW (M going fwd W backing up) to a line of four across the set (1s finish on the ladies' side facing up, 2s finish on the men's side facing down; All fwd a double & back (Ones lead up while Twos lead down); All cast R, move to prog. places on opposite side of the set, then partners cross R & turn R to face.


Dick's Maggot (longways, duple minor)

       Tune is in triple time.

A. M1 & W1 change places, lead down to 2s' place while 2s cast up; all balance back then change with partner. (End 2s imp, 1s prop)

A. M2 & W2 change places, lead down, while 1s cast up; all back to back with partner

B. Circular hey (no hands) 3 changes, starting w/ partner (after 3rd change, make  big loop); turn partner 2 hands twice around, skipping


Dublin Bay (longways, duple minor)

A. Couple1 cross, setting as they go, to corners. Turn corner by R hand once; Couple1 cross passing L sh., go below Cpl2, end in middle facing out, facing same sex. Arm R 1x, all finish facing down, Couple1 in center

B. In line, all fall back a double (up the hall), go forward a double, turn to face up; fall back a double (down the hall), come forward; Cpl1 makes assisted cast to progressed place


Elizabeth (longways, duple minor)   Colin Hume

(directions available only for duration of the ball, by request of author)

Hambleton's Round O (longways, triple minor)

     Tune is in triple time.

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all turn single R; face partner to start circular hey (4 changes)


Jack's Health (longways, duple minor)

A. Couple1 cross, go below 2s; 2-hand turn once

A. Back-to-back w/ neighbor; all fall back from partner, set

B. All forward, all turn single outward; rights & lefts (4 changes, with hands); all 2-hand turn partner (Couple1 go 1-1/2; Couple2 go once)


Jacob Hall's Jig (longways, duple minor)

A. M1 turn W2 R hand, then partner L hand; couple1 and W2 circle 3 hands counter-cw

A. M2 turn W1 L hand, then partner R hand; couple2 and W1 circle 3 hands clockwise

B. Cpl.1 lead down ctr and lead back up to stand between cpl.2, all facing up in line of 4; line lead up dbl.and fall bk, all now progressed

B. Circle 4-hands once; couple1 lead thru couple above & cast to progressed place


John Tallis' Canon (longways, duple minor)

      by Pat Shaw  (Note: Second corners lag first corners  by 2 bars throughout the dance.)

A. Corners meet, fall back; cross over (pass R), and turn over left shoulder

A. Repeat

B. Corners turn R; set moving back, turn single R

B. Corners turn L; fall back, turn single moving forward (1st corners veer R in front, 2nd corners veer L behind)


Juice of Barley (longways, duple minor)

A. Partners back-to-back; prtners turn 2-hands 1x

B. Men half figure-8 between women, M1 leads; all clap hands; circle 4-hands CW once around

B. Women half figure-8 between men, W1 leads; all clap and circle 4-hands CW once around  


Kelsterne Gardens (longways, 3 couples)

A. All mirror hey, 1s going between 2s to start

A. 1s and 2s double figure-8: Couple1 cross down thru center and move up outside while couple2 cast up outside to start and cross thru center

B. 1s & 2s, circle 4; 1s cast down, 2s moving up

B. 1s & 3s, circle 4; 1s cast down, 3s moving up


Lilliburlero (longways, duple minor)

A. Cpl.1 lead down thru 2s and cast up;

      2s lead up thru 1s and cast down

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners change;

      Nbrs fall bk a double, come fd, turning sgl R

B. Partners change (pass R shoulders), neighbors change places, moving backwards along line and passing R shoulders; partners face and circular hey, 3 changes, skipping


Newcastle (square for 4 couples)    3 parts

I.    A. Into ctr & back; set to partner, set to crnr

      A. Repeat

      B. Arm R. partner; all 4 men L hands across while women skip CW around outside

      B. Arm L partner; women R hands across while men skip CCW around outside

II.   A. Partners side; slow set & honor, on to next

      A. Repeat with new partner

      B. New side couples lead in, return & make arch; others cast out, thru arch, ret. to place (skipping step)

      B. Repeat, reversing roles

Newcastle, continued

III.  A. Arm R current partner; arm L 1½  to change places

      A. Repeat with new partner, end in lines of 4 up and down the hall

      B. Lines fall back, come forward; turn single, pass R and form new lines across hall (former ends now in middle)

       B. Repeat, but ending in original place


Prince William (3 cpl., longways) 2 parts

I.    A. Hey on opp. sides (Cpl.1 cross, mirror hey)

      A. Hey on own side (1s cross bk, mirror hey)

      B. Couple1 cross, go below (2s move up); Couple1 turn partner 2-hands 1 1/2

      B. Couple2 do the same

II.   A. Turn contrary corners: M1 to W3 first, W1 to M2 (RH turn); Couple1 turn LH in ctr

      A. M1 turn W2, W1 turn M3 (RH); Couple1 turn LH (end facing woman's wall)

      B. Couple1 lead out between women, separate into center via end of set; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands

      B. Couple1 lead out between men, separate; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands in center, moving to bottom while 3s move up


Smithy Hill (longways, duple minor improper)

      (dance by Tom Cook; music by Brian Jenkins)

A. Circle L (2 bars, starting L foot), step L&R; repeat to place; W change by R shoulder, Men change; repeat to place, end facing out.

A. Neighbors lead out, change places (W moving under arch of joined hand); W pass by R hand to face partner in line of 4, turn L to change w/ prtnr (box the gnat) ending with M in middle; Hey for 4 across starting L w/ partner (hands only on 1st change); partners take both hands, men pull women to progressed place, step L&R.

Sun Assembly (longways, duple minor)

A. Circle half and fall back, keep hands with neighbor, 1s move fd and 2s bk up (gate) to progressed place, imp; Couple1 half fig.8 through couple above, who change places after 1s go thru, all set and turn single

B. Cpl.1 R hand across w/ cpl. below, Cpl.1 L.hand across with couple above; Cpl.1 lead through couple below and cast up, partners turn 2-hands


Well Hall (longways, duple minor) Waltz time.

A. Couple1 turn R 1 1/2; cast down (2s move up), 1s change places, backing into proper side

A. Couple2, the same

B. 1st corners change (2 measures), 2nd corners change; Circle L 1/2 way, all turn single (1s turn up & away from ptnr, 2s down & away)

B. 2nd corners change, 1st corners change; Circle L halfway, 1s cast down as 2s lead up






Practice sessions will be held 7:00–9:30 PM in the multi-purpose room of the Marion Cross School in Norwich (enter through front door of school, near Church Street), on alternating Thursdays and Tuesdays: September 11, 16, 25, and 30. (The school may decide on short notice that it needs the room for parent meetings, so please check for any last minute location changes.) There is no charge to attend; contribu­tions for musicians are encouraged. A final review session will be held in South Strafford on the day of the Ball from 1:00–4:00 PM.