2010 Strafford Ball
time key dif. form
New to the Strafford Ball
De'il Take the Warr 2/4 D med+ 3 cpl
On Wittman's Golden Floor 2/2 Am med LD Sackett/Friendly
Old Wife Behind the Fire 2/2 G easy LD 1726
Prince of Westborough, The 3/4 Em med LD Paula Kelly
Mr. HandelŐs Gigue 6/8 G/Gm med 3 cpl Gary Roodman; 1987
Repeats from last year
Cottonwood 6/8 Am med- LD Sackett/Friendly
Hambleton's Round-O 3/2 Cm hard LT
Repeats from earlier years
Christchurch Bells 2/2 C easy LD
Dublin Bay 12/8 Cm med LD
Jack's Health 6/8 Am med LD
Jaque Latin 2/4 Gm med+ LD
Kelsterne Gardens 4/4 Dm med 3 cpl
Prince William 2/2 A m-h 3 cpl
Quite Carr-ied Away 3/4 G hard 4 cpl Pat Shaw
Sun Assembly 4/4 A med LD
Wa' Is Me, Wha' Mun I Do? 3/4 F med+ LD
Well Hall 3/4 F med LD
Yellow Stockings 9/8 Am easy LD