Condensed Dance Instructions for Strafford Ball

Dance Credits for recently composed dances


Dances will be selected from this list.  * indicates dances new to the Strafford Ball this year.

Ashford Anniversary (3-cpl longways set, mixer)   Charles Bolton
I. A. Up a dbl & back; lines fall bk a dbl & fd
   B. Chorus: On R diagonal (M1 & W2, M2 & W3), set & change places while W1 & M3 go CCW outside to change places; all turn s.; set w/ new ptnr, turn 2 hands 1½ to own side
II. Siding into lines (R sh, then L sh); Chorus
III. Arming; chorus

Bonny Grey-Ey'd Morn (longways, duple minor)
A1 1st diagonals RH turn; M1 long cast while M2 moves up & turns out to M1 place; 2nd diags (Cpl.1), LH turn, W1 cast while W2 moves up)
A2	Repeat with 2s active
B1 1s cross R & cast (2s lead up), half figure-8 up; 1s lead down thru next cpl., cast back up (2 bars), lead up through own 2s and cast back down (2 bars)
B2	2s as B1 except last 2 bars, then lead up and turn single out while 1s long cast to 2nd place

* Cottonwood (longways, duple minor)
	Dance by Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, tune by David Bartley
A1 1st diagonals LH turn once; neighbors L-shldr back-to-back
A2 2nd diagonals LH turn once; partners L-sh back-to-back
B1 2s taking 2-hands, 4 slips up, set (down & up); slip down, set (falling back to place)
B2 1s slip down, set (up & down); slip up, cast (2s move up)

The Dusty Miller (three-couple set)
 Dance reconstruction by George Fogg and Rich Jackson, 1990.  Tune is in triple time.
A. 1s lead through 2s, turn in and cast down to 3rd place (Cpl.3 remain in place)
A. 1s turn two-hands once around and cast up to 2nd place
B. 1s RH turn 1st corner (M1 with W3, W1 with M2), LH. turn partner
B. 1s RH turn 2nd corner, LH turn partner
A. Slow set & honor 1st corner and 2-hand turn that person
A. Repeat with 2nd corner person
B. Hey on opposite side (M1 starting by passing L shldr with W3, while W1 passes L shldr with M2)
B. 1s two-hand turn to get proper while moving down to 3rd place (Cpl.3 moving up)

Emperor of the Moon (longways, duple minor)
A1	Partners set R&L, turn sgl, end facing nbr; Nbrs. 2-hand turn 1x, end facing partner (inside hand joined w/nbr)
A2	All lead nbr fwd. & back, release hands; partners set R&L, 1s cast down, 2s lead up
B1	2s cross by R shldr, move down outside into 2nd place, 1s lead up & face out; 2s half fig-8 up thru 1s, w/ hand turns (M L, W R)
B2	1s cross, etc., as in B1

* Felix's Name Day (longways, duple minor)
Tune and dance by Michael Cicone
A1 1st diagonals set R & L in place, pass R shldrs to change places and turn R to face across; starting across set (with original neighbor), 2 changes of R&L
A2 2nd diagonals set R & L in place, then pass R shoulders into each other’s places, and turn R to face neighbors, 2 changes of R&L, and keeping L hands for…
B1 LH star; RH star. Take neighbor’s R hand for….
B2 Nbhrs lead out and back (RH in R); partners 2-hand turn 1½.

From Aberdeen  (longways, triple minor)
A. 1s cast one place (2s lead up); 1s two hand turn ¾, & fall bk (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s)
B. 1M & 3s circle L once while 1W the same with 2s (2 bars); actives two-hand turn your 2nd corner half, while passing him/her from your L to your R, ending nearly in progressed place; M circle L once while W do same (2 bars); open to lines (2 bars); 1s turn 1/4 and fall back, M1 between 2s, W1 between 3s (2 bars).
B. As above, but with 1M and 1W in reversed roles, ending with a two hand turn halfway into progressed place.

Good Man of Cambridge (longways duple)
	Tune by Mozart; dance by Gary Roodman
A. Circle four once around to the left; 
	1st diagonals change, 2nd diagonals change
A. Repeat from these new places
B. 1s lead down and back (4); 2nd cpl lead up and back (4); 2s cast up and dance half figure-8 down around orig. position while 1s move down and cast up to follow 2s in figure-8 (end in line of 4 facing down, with men on left, women on right, 2s in middle)
C. Lines of 4 lead down a double, fall back, turn individually at end to face up; lines lead up a double, fall back, ends pull in at last moment
C M1 & W1 (on ends) cross, go below and face up while 2s turn halfway and lead up into...; M2 and W2 gated up the middle by new 1s

Hambleton's Round O (longways, triple minor)
     Tune is in triple time.
A. 1s cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with 3s (pass W3 by L) while W1 hey w/ 2s (pass M2 by L); 1s turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)
B. W1 & M2 (in 1st diagonal positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all turn single R; face ptnr to start circular hey (4 changes)

Jack's Health (longways, duple minor)
A. 1s cross, go below 2s; 1s 2-hand turn once
A. Back-to-back w/ neighbor; face across, fall back dbl with neighbor, set facing ptnr
B. All forward dbl, turn single outward; 4 changes R&Ls (hands); all 2-hand turn partner (1s go 1½; 2s go once)

Newcastle (square for 4 couples)    3 parts
I. 	A. Into center & back; set to ptnr, set to nbr.
	A. Repeat
	B. Arm R. partner; all 4 men L hands across while women skip CW around outside
	B. Arm L partner; women R hands across while men skip CCW around outside 
II.	A. Partners side; slow set & honor, on to next
	A. Repeat with new partner
	B. New side couples lead in, return & make arch; others wait, cast out, thru arch, back to place (skipping step)
	B. Repeat, reversing roles
III.	A. Arm R current ptnr; arm L 1½ to change places
	A. Repeat with new partner, end in lines of 4 up and down the hall
	B. Lines fall back, come forward; turn single, then pass R and form new lines across hall (former ends now in middle)
	B. Repeat, but ending in original place

* Ore Boggy (longways, duple minor) 
Dance reconstruction by George Fogg and Rich Jackson, 1990.
A. 1s lead down between 2s and cast up to place; two-hand turn once around
A. 2s do same except leading up between 1s
B. 1s cross & go down one place (2s moving up),  half figure-8 up through the 2s
B. 4 changes of R&Ls starting with RH to partner

The Pursuit (longways, duple minor) 
A1	M1 hey with women, finishing by moving down the outside to progressed place, M2 moves up
A2	W1 hey with the men,  move down outside to her progressed place, W2 moving up
B1	1s lead through new 2s below and cast back, while 2s cast up and lead back down; all two-hand turn partner once around
B2	1s full figure-8 up through original 2s 

Rose of Sharon (longways, duple improper)
(Fried de Metz Herman, Potters’ Porch)
A. RH star ¾  (3 counts); partners change by R shldr on sides (3); RH star ¾ (3) (progression)
A. R&L variant: All half RH turn ptnr (3); quick LH turn neighbor (3); half RH turn ptnr (3)
B. W1 and 2s half hey-for-3 across the set, starting with M2 casting down & women passing R shldr; 2s dance remainder of hey, M1 taking partner’s place, end all progressed & proper.
B. 1s half figure-8 thru new cpl. below;
	All LH turn 1x original neighbor in line

Sally in our Alley (longways, duple minor)
     Dance reconstructed by Jacqueline Schwab; tune is in waltz time.
A1  (12)  1st diagonals cast out left (M1 down, W2 up) around neighbors, pass L sh in center and loop right around ptnr into each other’s place
A2  (12)  2nd diagonals cast out R (M2 up, W1 down) around neighbors, pass R sh in center and loop L around same-sex neighbor into each other’s place
B1 (12)  All fall back, return & cross with partner, looping R into…
      (12)  Four changes of circular hey
B2 1st diagonals (in 2nd diag places) change by L shoulder; 2nd diagonals  change by R shldr; quick circle left once (all home, improper) (6); 1s long cast off (6) and 2-hand turn while 2s move up and two-hand turn  1½

* Sunlight through Draperies (longways duple)
	Dance by Tom Roby, tune “Judy and Jim's Wedding” by Larry Unger
A1 1st diagonals back-to-back R (3 waltz steps), turn single R back to place (1 waltz step); all gypsy R with partner
A2 2nd diagonals as in A1 but back-to-back, turn single, and gypsy are all by L 
B1 Circle right once; balance the ring forward and back, all turn single R
B2 Circle left once; balance the ring,  1s cast (2s lead up).

* White Wheat (Hazel Moir)  3 couple longways
	Dance by Hazel Moir, traditional Welsh tune: Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn
A1 1st long diagonals cross R into each other’s places & cast L to middle place slightly outside of set, ready for LH stars on the side, while middles wait (2) then loop L (M2 up, W2 down), moving into their places.  3-person LH stars on the sides once, ending in lines of 3 with actives in middle.
A2	Mirror of A1: 2nd long diagonals cross L and loop R to center place, RH stars.
B1 End dancers cross by R sh. & turn R while middle dancers turn single R ¾; all circle L one place, single file. All long back-to-back with partner
B2 1s meet and cast to bottom while 2s and 3s wait (2 bars) and move up individually, all face partners. Partners cross Hole in the Wall style, then step R and honor.

Yellow Stockings (longways duple)
Dance reconstruction by George Fogg and Rich Jackson, 1990.
A1 1st diagonals turn two-hands twice.
A2 2nd diagonals repeat A1.
B1 1s join two-hands, slip down the set and back; 1s cast to 2nd place.
B2	4 changes R&Ls (hands).

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