2005 Strafford Ball dances will be choosen from the following. Our focus is on developing a repertoire including old chestnuts and repeats from previous Strafford balls, and on setting an atmosphere which is friendly to the new English dancer. Dances will be called several times through.
(italics="new to Strafford Ball", *="repeat from last year")
time key dif. form
Ashford Anniversary 2/2 G/A med 3-cpl mixer
Autumn in Amherst 4/4 D med LD
Barbarini's Tambourine * 2/4 D med+ LD
Bonny Cuckoo 3/4 D easy+ 4-cpl
Fair and Softly 3/4 Dm med LD
Female Saylor 6/8 Gm easy+ LD
Hambleton's Round-O * 3/2 Cm med+ LT
Jack's Maggot 2/2 D med LD
Jaque Latin 2/4 Gm med+ LD
Juice of Barley * 6/8 Am med- LD
Knives and Forks 3/2 G easy+ LD
Mr. Isaac's Maggot 3/2 C med LD
Mary K 3/2 Cm hard LD imp
Red House 2/2 C med LD
Round about Coal Fire * 9/8 G med LD
Smithy Hill * 6/8 Dm med LD
Softly Good Tummas 2/4 F/Dm med LD
Wa' Is Me, Wha' Mun I Do? 3/4 F med+ LD