2004 Strafford Ball

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Barbarini's Tambourine (longways duple) A. First corners cast L (man down, woman up) around nbrs, pass by L shoulder in ctr, cast R around partner to end in each other's place A. Second corners do similar: cast right, pass right shoulder, cast left around neighbor (end with all progressed and improper) B. All fall back and cross to proper side, facing neighbor (4); with neighbor, back to back; partners, back to back B. 4 changes of rights and lefts (with hands), starting with partner (8); partners two-hand turn once around Bellamira (longways, duple minor) reconstruction by Charles Bolton A. Couple1 lead down, turn alone, lead up, gate to face down, improper. A. Siding w/ neighbor; two-hand turn 1X B. Change places with partner (right shoulder, slow); M2 cast up, W2 follow, ending in 1st place, proper. B. M1 change with W2 (1st corner people in 2nd corner places), others change; All clap, circle halfway, and turn single L Dick's Maggot (longways, duple proper) Tune is in triple time. A. M1 & W1 change places, lead down to 2s' place while 2s cast up; all balance back then change with partner. (End 2s imp, 1s prop) A. M2 & W2 change places, lead down, while 1s cast up; all back to back with partner B. Circular hey (no hands) 3 changes, starting w/ partner (after3rd change, make big loop); turn partner 2 hands twice around, skipping Dublin Bay (longways, duple minor) A. Couple1 cross, setting as they go, to corners. Turn corner by R hand once; Couple1 cross passing L sh., go below Cpl2, end in middle facing out, facing same sex. Arm R 1x, all finish facing down, Couple1 in center B. In line, all fall back a double (up the hall), go forward a double, turn to face up; fall back a double (down the hall), come forward; Couple1 makes assisted cast to progressed place Easter Morn (longways, duple) (Erna-Lynne Bogue) A. Cpl.1 cast dwn (2s move up); half fig-8 thru 2s A. With next couple along the line, R.H. across; with original couple, L.H. across B. Original foursome, circle right; Cpl.2 gate the ones up thru center and back to prog. place B. Cpl.1 lead down thru new Cpl. 2 below, cast up; all turn partner two hands to end proper (ones turn 1-1/2 while twos turn once) Fandango (three-couple longways set) I A. Cpl.1 turn by R hand; long cast to 2nd place A. Cpl.1 turn by L hand; cast to 3rd place B. Slipping circle 6 to L; and R B. Cpl.1 lead to top; cast to middle (3s move down), meet, and turn single down II.A. Contrary corners (2 hand): M1 turn W3 while W1 turn M2; cpl.1 turn 2-hands A. M1 turn W2 2-hands while W1 turn M3; Cpl.1 turn 1 1/2 in ctr (end skipping) B. Figure-8s across: M1 figure-8 thru top couple (pass R shoulder with W2) while W1 figure-8 thru bottom cpl. (pass R shoulder with M3), Cpl.1 pass by L sh. B. Heys for 3 across: M1 hey w/ bot. cpl while W1 hey w/top cpl; Cpl.1 lead to bottom) From Aberdeen (longways, triple minor) A. 1s cast one place (2s lead up); 1s two hand turn 3/4 , & fall bk (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s) B. 1M & 3s circle L once while 1W the same with 2s (2 bars); actives two-hand turn your 2nd corner half, while passing him/her from your L to your R, ending nearly in progressed place; M circle L once while W do same (2 bars); open to lines (2 bars); 1s turn 1/4 and fall back, M1 between 2s, W1 between 3s (2 bars). B. As above, but with 1M and 1W in reversed roles and ending with a two hand turn halfway into progressed place. Good Man of Cambridge (longways duple) Tune by Mozart; dance by Gary Roodman A. Circle four once around to the left; 1st corners change, 2nd corners change A. Repeat from these new places B. Couple1 lead down and back (4); 2nd cpl lead up and back (4); Cpl2 cast up and dance half figure-8 down around orig. position while Couple1 move down and cast up to follow Cpl2 in figure-8 (end in line of 4 facing down, with men on left, women on right, Couple2 in middle) C. Lines of 4 lead down a double, fall back, turn individually at end to face up; lines lead up a double, fall back, ends pull in at the last moment C M1 & W1 (on ends) cross, go below and face up while Couple2 turn halfway and lead up M2 and W2 gated up the middle by new Ones Hambleton's Round O (longways, triple minor) Tune is in triple time. A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars) B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s. R; face ptnr to start circular hey (4 changes) Jack's Health (longways, duple minor) A. Couple1 cross, go below 2s; 2-hand turn once A. Back-to-back w/ neighbor; all fall back from partner, set B. All forward, all turn single outward; rights & lefts (4 changes, with hands); all 2-hand turn partner (Couple1 go 11/2; Couple2 go once) John Tallis's Canon (longways, duple minor) by Pat Shaw (Note: Second corners lag first corners by 2 bars throughout the dance.) A. Corners meet, fall back; cross over (pass R), and turn over left shoulder A. Repeat B. Corners turn R; set moving back, turn single R B. Corners turn L; fall back, turn single moving forward (1st corners veer R in front, 2nd corners veer L behind) Mad Robin (longways, duple minor) A. M1 turn W2 by RH, partner by LH & cast to 2nd place (M2 moves up) A. W1 turn partner (in 2nd place) by LH, turn M2 by RH & cast to 2nd place (W2 moves up) B. W1 moves up center & casts down while M1 moves up outside & down center to 2nd place; Couple1 turn 2-hands once around B. Couple2, similar (W2 starting down the center.) Miss deJersey's Memorial (longways, duple) by Pat Shaw Tune is in waltz time. A. Cpl.1 turn R 1-1/2 moving down; hey for 4 across (5 changes) starting M1 & W2 passing L, W1 & M2 passing L (end Cpl.2 imp. facing) A. Cpl.2 turn L 1-1/2; hey for 4 (four changes) starting W pass R, finish improper (with men prog.) B. Circle L 3/4, men half fig.-8 thru W (M2 go 1st); back-to-back partner (mirror image, Men between W), circle R 3/4 , end orig. place, imp. B. Cpl.1 lead down a dbl and continue down, turning to fall back a dbl, while Cpl.2 fall bk & move up the set with 2 chasse steps;Cpl.1 lead up, separate, and continue up while Cpl2 meet & lead down; (end orig. place, imp.); turn prtnr 2-hands, pass R with prtnr, turn bk on nbr, pass r. sh. falling back to prog. place Prince William (3 cpl., longways) 2 parts I. A. Hey on opp. sides (Cpl.1 cross, mirror hey) A. Hey on own side (1s cross bk, mirror hey) B. Couple1 cross, go below (2s move up); Couple1 turn partner 2-hands 1 1/2 B. Couple2 do the same II. A. Turn contrary corners: M1 to W3 first, W1 to M2 (R turn); Couple1 turn L in center A. M1 turn W2, W1 turn M3 (R. H); Couple1 turn L (end facing woman's wall) B. Couple1 lead out between women, separate into ctr. via end of set; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands B. Couple1 lead out between men, separate; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands in center, moving to bottom while 3s move up Repeat for each of the other couples. The Punch Bowl (longways, duple proper) Tune is in waltz time. A. 1s cross, go below, meet & go through next couple, cast up to middle while 2s meet, lead up, separate, go outside the 1s, turn in to meet partner, lead down to meet original 1s; hands 4 circle left halfway, 1s cast, 2s lead up A. Repeat with roles reversed (2s cross, etc.); at end, all are in original places but improper B. Second corner positions change (1st cor. indiv) First corner positions change Hands 4, circle left halfway 1s cast, 2s lead up (progression) All, two-hand turn partner halfway Saint Margaret's Hill (3 couple longways) Tune is in triple time. A. Cpl.1 cast to middle (2s move up) & 2-hand turn 3/4 ending in lines of 3 (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s); lines fall back a double, come forward a double into a circle, circle 6 half-way B. M1 turn W3 by R while W1 turn M2 by R, Cpl.1 turn L 3/4 (end imp.); lead down, cast back to middle, 2-hand turn half (end proper) B. M1 turn W2 by L while W1 turn M3 by L, Cpl.1 turn R 3/4 (end in middle place, imp.); lead up thru top cpl, cast back to middle, & all turn partner 2-hand halfway to end prope Sally in our Alley (longways, duple minor) Dance reconstructed by Jacqueline Schwab; tune is in waltz time. A1 (12) 1st corners cast out left (M1 down, W2 up) around neighbors, pass L sh in center and loop right around prtnr into each other's place A2 (12) 2nd corners cast out R (M2 up, W1 down) around neighbors, pass R sh in center and loop L around same-sex neighbor into each other's place B1 (12) All fall back, return & cross with partner, looping R into... (12) Four changes of circular hey (no hands) B2 First corners (in 2nd corner places) change by L shoulder; 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) change by R sh; quick circle left once (all home, improper) (6); Cpl.1 long cast off (6) and 2-hand turn while Cpl.2 move up and two-hand turn 1-1/2 Well Hall (longways. duple proper) Tune is in waltz time. A. Couple1 turn R 1 1/2; cast down (2s move up), 1s change places, backing into proper side A. Couple2, the same B. 1st corners change (2 measures), 2nd corners change; Circle L 1/2 way, all turn single (1s turn up & away from ptnr, 2s down & away) B. 2nd corners change, 1st corners change; Circle L halfway, 1s cast down as 2s lead up.

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