2003 Dance List

Our focus is on developing a repertoire including old chestnuts and repeats from previous Strafford balls, and on setting an atmosphere which is friendly to the new English dancer. Dances will be called several times through.
Dances will be choosen from the following

  '03 '02 '01 '00 # # # # #   time key Dif. Form
Autumn in Amherst x                   4/4 D med LD
Barbarini's Tambourine x x     x           2/4 Dm med+ LD
Easter Morn x x     x           4/4 Cm med LD
Elverton Grove x                   4/4 E med LD
Fandango x                   6/8 D med 3-cpl
Hambleton's Round-O x x x x x x x x x   3/2 Cm hard LT
Heidenroslein x                   3/4 G med square (mix)
Hudson Barn x         x         3/4* G/Am med LD
Jack's Health x x   x   x     x   6/8 Am med LD
Juice of Barley x       x   x x     6/8 Am easy LD
Kelsterne Gardens x     x         x   4/4 Dm med 3-cpl
Mad Robin x     x   x     x   2/2 Bb med LD
Old Mill, The x x   x             3/2 G med 3-cpl
Rose of Sharon x x       x x       2/2 Cm med LD imp
Sarah x                   3/2 Am med LD
Smithy Hill x   x   x x         6/8? Dm med LD
Sun Assembly x x       x   x x   4/4 A med LD
Walpole Cottage x                   4/4 D med 3 face 3

Last Updated on 8/6/03
By Christopher Levey