2003 Strafford Ball

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= dances new to the Strafford Ball
2002 = last appearance on a Ball program here

Autumn in Amherst (longways improper duple minor) (Philippe Callens, upcoming Antwerp Antics)

Tune is The Red Star Line, by Kathy Talvitie

A All step right and honour partner, then turn single to the left; Partners LH turn; Neighbors RHturn; Taking hands in a ring of four, circle L half, then neighbours fallbk.

B Ladies cross right,then men left; Partners half draw poussette CCW (men going fd, ladies backingup) to a line of four across the set (ones finish on the ladies’ side, twos finish on the men’s side, men having their backs to each other in the center); Ones leadup a double & bk, while twos lead down a double and bk.;All cast simultaneously and individually right, and move direct (man in front oflady) to their prog places on opposite side of the set, then partners cross Rand turn R to face.

Barbarini’s Tambourine (longways duple) 2002

A. First corners cast L (mandown, woman up) around nbrs, pass by L shoulder in ctr, cast R around partner toend in each other’s place

A. Second corners do similar:cast right, pass right shoulder, cast left around neighbor (end with allprogressed and improper)

B. All fall back and cross toproper side, facing neighbor (4); with neighbor, back to back; partners, back toback

B. 4 changes of rights andlefts (with hands), starting with partner (8); partners two-hand turn oncearound

Easter Morn (longways, duple minor) 2002

(Erna-Lynne Bogue, CDSS News)

A. Cpl.1 cast dwn (2s moveup); half fig-8 thru 2s

A. With next couple along theline, RH across;

with original couple, LHacross

B. Original foursome, circleright; Cpl.2 gate the ones up thru center and back to prog. place

B. Cpl.1 lead down thru newCpl. 2 below, cast up; all turn partner two hands to end proper (ones turn 1-1/2 while twos turn once around)

Elverton Grove (longways, duple minor)

A1 All turn single,Balance fd & bk; Partners trade places, crossing by right shoulders and turningright to face across

A2 All turn single R,balance and cross as before

B Men lead thru women,cast back to place; Women lead thru men etc.; Cpl.1 full fig8 down thru 2s,skipping, Cpl2 full fig8 up thru 1s; Cpl.1 cast to second place, Cpl.2 leadup

Fandango (three-couple longways set) 2002

I A. Cpl.1 turn by Rhand; long cast to 2nd place

A. Cpl.1 turn by L hand;cast to 3rd place

B. Slipping circle 6 toL; and R

B. Cpl.1 lead to top;cast to middle (3s move down), meet, and turn single down

II.A. Contrary corners (2hand): M1 turn W3 while W1 turn M2; cpl.1 turn 2-hands

A. M1 turn W2 2-handswhile W1 turn M3; Cpl.1 turn 1 1/2 in ctr (end skipping)

B. Figure-8s across: M1figure-8 thru top couple (pass R shoulder with W2) while W1 figure-8 thru bottomcpl. (pass R shoulder with M3), Cpl.1 pass by L sh.

B. Heys for 3 across: M1hey w/ bot. cpl while W1 hey w/top cpl; Cpl.1 lead to bottom)


Hambleton’s Round O (longways, triple minor) Tune is in triple time. 2002

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place(2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (passM2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st cornerpositions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s. R; face ptnr tostart circular hey (4 changes)

Heidenroslein (4 couple square) (Pat Shaw)

Tune is in waltz time.

A Partners RH turn 1x,corners LH turn 1x. Men RH across 3/4, women LH across 3/4.

B Facing across the set,change places with this partner using 2 chassé steps (women pass in front),step and honor to this partner; Turn individually to face opposite direction, 2changes of grand chain, starting RH; Waltz with next person to the man's original place.

Repeat 3 times with newpartners

Hudson Barn (longways, duple minor) 1998

(Jacqueline Schwab & CharlesHammond, Hudson Barn, Helene Cornelius, ed.)

AA. Circle 4 left once; Lhands across half; 2M & 1W drop out while 1M&2W continue 1 1/2 x.

BB. Circle 4 right once; Rhands across half; as A2 but diagonals reverse roles.

AA. All bk to bk nbrs alongline; M turn by L 1/2 while W turn R 1/2; 1s half fig8 to home.

BB. 1s down the ctr & bk; 1scast, 2s move up, all turn partners to own side (2s turn 1 1/2)

Jack’s Health (longways, duple minor) 2002

A. Couple1 cross, go below2s; 2-hand turn once

A. Back-to-back w/ neighbor;all fall back from partner, set

B. All forward, all turnsingle outward; rights & lefts (4 changes, with hands); all 2-hand turn partner(Couple1 go 1-1/2; Couple2 go once)

Juice of Barley (longways, duple minor) 1999

Tune is 24 bars.

A. Partners back-to-back;partners turn two-hands once around

B. Men half figure-8 betweenwomen, M1 leading; all clap hands; circle 4-hands CW once around

B. Women half figure-8between men, W1 leads; all clap and circle 4-hands CW once around

Kelsterne Gardens (longways, 3 couples) 2000

A. All mirror hey, 1s goingbetween 2s to start

A. 1s and 2s double figure-8:Cpl.1 cross down thru center & move up outside while Cpl.2 cast up outside tostart and cross thru center

B. 1s & 2s, circle 4; 1s castdown, 2s moving up

B. 1s & 3s, circle 4; 1s castto bot., 3s moving up

Mad Robin (longways, duple minor) 2000

A. M1 turn W2 by RH, partnerby LH & cast to 2nd place (M2 moves up)

A. W1 turn prtnr (in 2ndplace) by LH, turn M2 by RH & cast to 2nd place (W2 moves up)

B. W1 moves up center & castsdown while M1 moves up outside & down center to 2nd place; Couple1 turn 2-handsonce around

B. Couple2, similar (W2starts down the cntr.)

The Old Mill (three-couple longways set) 2002

Tune, by BrianJenkins, is in triple time.

A. M1 casts below M2, RH turnL3 once, then leads up outside to prtner’s orig. place while W1 balances backthen follows partner around M2, overtakes him while he is turning W3, casts upoutside around W2 and ends in partner’s orig. place (6); Couple1 LH turn halfway

A. Repeat in reversedirection (L1 casts, LH turn with M3, etc., ending with RH turn halfway

B. Cpl.1 lead down middle andface W2 and W3, heys for three across the set (6 changes), Cpl.1 RH turn 3/4 (ending improper in middle) (8); Cpl.1 cross by R sh,cast to top and face down, then t.s. away and face down, others face up (4),Couple1 lead to bottom, others come up outside to follow; Couple1 cast up tomiddle, end 3-1-2

Rose of Sharon (longways, duple impr.) 2002

(Fried de Metz Herman, Potters’ Porch)

A. RH star 3/4 (3 counts); partners change by R sh. on sides (3); RHstar 3/4 (3) (progression)

A. R&L variant: All slow halfturn with partner by RH (3); quick LH turn neighbor (3); slow half turn withpartner by RH(3)

B. W1 and Cpl.2 halfhey-for-3 across the set, starting with M2 casting down & women passing R sh;Cpl.2 dance remainder of hey, M1 taking partner’s place, end all progressed &proper.

B. Cpl.1 half figure-8 thrunew cpl. below;

All LH turn 1x originalneighbor in line

Sarah (longways, duple minor)

(Gary Roodman, Multiple Calculated Figures)

Tune is in triple time

A1 M1 and W2 turn R 1-1/2; M1 dance below and behind M2 to place, while W2 dance above and behind W1 and to place.  Allchange with partner.

A2 W1 & M2 repeat, W1goes below & behind W2 while M2 dances above & behind M1.

B Circle 4 halfway andfall back.  3 changes of a circular hey, no hands.

C 1st couple cast off anddance half figure 8, while 2nd couple cross up, cast off, and lead up. All turnsingle (cloverleaf).

Smithy Hill (longways duple, improper) 2001

(dance by Tom Cook;music by Brian Jenkins)

A. Circle L (2 bars, startingL foot), step L&R; repeat to place; W change by R shoulder, Men change; repeatto place, end facing out.

A. Neighbors lead out, changeplaces (W moving under arch of joined hand); W pass by R hand to face partner inline of 4, turn L to change w/ prtnr (box the gnat) ending with M in middle; Heyfor 4 across starting L w/ partner (hands only on 1st change); partners take both hands, men pull women to progressedplace, step L&R.

Sun Assembly (longways, duple minor) 2002

A. Circle half and fall back,keep hands with neighbor, 1s move fd and 2s bk up (gate) to progressed place,imp; Couple1 half fig.8 through couple above, who change places after 1s gothru, all set and turn single

B. Cpl.1 R hand across w/cpl. below, cpl.1 L.hand across with couple above; cpl.1 lead through cpl belowand cast up, partners turn 2-hands

Walpole Cottage (circle, 3 face 3)(Pat Shaw)

Intro: Lines of 3 goforward and back

A: Country corners with all4 corners. (Center person in each line of 3 starts as "active" cpl.)

B: The 4 corners RH star, LHstar back (actives wait out); Hey for 3 on each side, actives face R and start Rshoulder.

C: Forward and back, circleL halfway

F&B again, basket swingfor 3 on each side.

Practice sessions will be held (7—9:30 PM) at the Marion Cross Schoolin Norwich, Vermont. The dates are Wednesday, 9/10; Tuesday, 9/16; Wednesday,9/24, and Tuesday, 9/30. A review session will be held Oct. 4 at the Ball sitefrom 1—4 PM.

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