* 2002 Strafford Ball *

Dances will be selected from this list.

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* = dances new to The Strafford Ball

* An Early Frost (longways, duple proper)
(Philippe Callens, Belgian Boutades) Tune is in triple time.
A. Both M turn single R, Ptnrs R hand turn half; both W turn single L, Ptnrs L hand turn half.
A. All turn single R, R-hands across once, easing out to face neighbor, pass through.
B. All set to ptnr, ptnrs cross R sh; circle L once;
B. half pousette (1M,2W fwd), 1s cross & go below WHILE 2s 2-hand turn half, then take 2 side-steps up middle.

Ashford Anniversary (Charles Bolton)
(three-couple longways set, mixer)
I. A. Up a dbl & back; lines fall bk a dbl & fd
B. Chorus: On R diagonal (M1 & W2, M2 & W3), set & change places while W1 & M3 go CCW 1/2 to change places; all turn s.; set w/ new prtnr, turn 2 hands 1 1/2 to own side
II. Siding into lines (R sh, then L sh); Chorus
III. Arming; chorus

Barbarini’s Tambourine (longways, dpl minor)
A. First corners cast L (man down, woman up) around nbrs, pass by L shoulder in ctr, cast R around partner to end in each other’s place
A. Second corners do similar: cast right, pass right shoulder, cast left around neighbor (end with all progressed and improper)
B. All fall back and cross to proper side, facing neighbor (4); with neighbor, back to back; partners, back to back
B. 4 changes of rights and lefts (with hands), starting with partner (8); partners two-hand turn once around

Dick’s Maggot (longways, duple proper)
Tune is in triple time.
A. M1 & W1 change places, lead down to 2s’ place while 2s cast up; all balance back then change with partner. (End 2s imp, 1s prop)
A. M2 & W2 change places, lead down, while 1s cast up; all back to back with partner
B. Circular hey (no hands) 3 changes, starting w/ partner (after3rd change, make big loop); turn partner 2 hands twice around, skipping

* The Dusty Miller (three-couple set)
Tune is in triple time.
A. Cpl.1 lead through Cpl.2, turn in and cast down to 3rd place (Cpl.3 remain in place)
A. Cpl.1 turn two-hands once around and cast up to 2nd place
B. Cpl.1 RH turn first corner (M1 with W3, W1 with M2), LH. turn partner
B. Cpl.1 RH turn second corner, LH turn partner
A. Slow set & honor 1st corner and 2-hand turn that person
A. Repeat with 2nd corner person
B. Hey on opposite side (M1 starting by passing l. sh. with W3, while W1 passes l. sh with M2)
B. Cpl.1 two-hand turn to get proper while moving down to 3rd place (Cpl.3 moving up)

Easter Morn (longways, duple) (Erna-Lynne Bogue, CDSS News)
A. Cpl.1 cast dwn (2s move up); half fig-8 thru 2s
A. With next couple along the line, R.H. across;
with original couple, L.H. across
B. Original foursome, circle right; Cpl.2 gate the ones up thru center and back to prog. place
B. Cpl.1 lead down thru new Cpl. 2 below, cast up; all turn partner two hands to end proper (ones turn 1-1/2 while twos turn once around)

Fandango (three-couple longways set)
I A. Cpl.1 turn by R hand; long cast to 2nd place
A. Cpl.1 turn by L hand; cast to 3rd place
B. Slipping circle 6 to L; and R
B. Cpl.1 lead to top; cast to middle (3s move down), meet, and turn single down
II.A. Contrary corners (2 hand): M1 turn W3 while W1 turn M2; cpl.1 turn 2-hands
A. M1 turn W2 2-hands while W1 turn M3; Cpl.1 turn 1 1/2 in ctr (end skipping)
B. Figure-8s across: M1 figure-8 thru top couple (pass R shoulder with W2) while W1 figure-8 thru bottom cpl. (pass R shoulder with M3), Cpl.1 pass by L sh.
B. Heys for 3 across: M1 hey w/ bot. cpl while W1 hey w/top cpl; Cpl.1 lead to bottom)

Hambleton's Round O (longways, triple minor)
Tune is in triple time.
A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)
B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s. R; face ptnr to start circular hey (4 changes)

Jack's Health (longways, duple minor)
A. Couple1 cross, go below 2s; 2-hand turn once
A. Back-to-back w/ neighbor; all fall back from partner, set
B. All forward, all turn single outward; rights & lefts (4 changes, with hands); all 2-hand turn partner (Couple1 go 11/2; Couple2 go once)

Jacob Hall’s Jig (longways, duple minor)
A. M1 turn W2 R hand, then partner L hand; couple1 and W2 circle 3 hands counter-cw
A. M2 turn W1 L hand, then partner R hand; couple2 and W1 circle 3 hands clockwise
B. Cpl.1 lead down ctr and lead back up to stand between cpl.2, all facing up in line of 4; line lead up dbl.and fall bk, all now progressed
B. Circle 4-hands once; couple1 lead thru couple above & cast to progressed place

* King of Poland (longways, duple , improper)
A Two-hand turn neighbors 1 1/2 x;
Partners change (r. sh.) and r.h. turn halfway
B1 First couple lead up while Twos cast (4)
3 changes of circular hey (begin w/ ptnr) (8)
B2 First couple half-figure-eight up (8)
First couple two-hand turn halfway (4)

* Mulberry Garden (longways, duple minor)
A1 Up a double and back; repeat
B1 Fall back a dbl toward wall, return;
2-hand turn partners
A2 Partners back to back; neighbors back to back
B2 Slipping circle left half-way, Partners change places, handing, to face up; Couple2 (above) cast down & lead up, as Cpl1 lead up and cast

The Old Mill (three-couple longways set)
Tune, by Brian Jenkins, is in triple time.
A. M1 casts below M2, RH turn L3 once, then leads up outside to prtner’s orig. place while W1 balances back then follows partner around M2, overtakes him while he is turning W3, casts up outside around W2 and ends in partner’s orig. place (6); Couple1 LH turn halfway
A. Repeat in reverse direction (L1 casts, LH turn with M3, etc., ending with RH turn halfway
B. Cpl.1 lead down middle and face W2 and W3, heys for three across the set (6 changes), Cpl.1 RH turn 3/4 (ending improper in middle) (8); Cpl.1 cross by R sh, cast to top and face down, then t.s. away and face down, others face up (4), Couple1 lead to bottom, others come up outside to follow; Couple1 cast up to middle, end 3-1-2

Rose of Sharon (longways, duple improper)
(Fried de Metz Herman, Potters’ Porch)
A. R.H. star 3/4 (3 counts); partners change by R. sh. on sides (3); R.H. star 3/4 (3) (progression)
A. R&L variant: All slow half turn with partner by R.H. (3); quick L.H. turn neighbor (3); slow half turn with partner by R.H.(3)
B. W1 and Cpl.2 half hey-for-3 across the set, starting with M2 casting down & women passing R sh; Cpl.2 dance remainder of hey, M1 taking partner’s place, end all progressed & proper.
B. Cpl.1 half figure-8 thru new cpl. below;
All L.H. turn 1x original neighbor in line

Round About Our Coal Fire (longways dpl)
(Based on Tom Cook’s interpretation in Hunter’s Moon, except he calls for a two couple set; tune is in 9/8 meter.)
A. Cpl.1 lead down (1 bar), turn inwards & lead up (1 bar); 1s cast down, 2s leading up (2 bars); orig. Cpl.2 do the same, all back to orig. places
B. Cpl.1 & W2 straight hey for 3 across room, (W2 pass left shoulders with M1); Cpl.1 continue the hey w/ M2, who starts by passing W1 by R sh.
A. W1 advances towards M2, who retreats, w/ 2 hands pulls him to ctr of set; they turn 2-hands 1x & fall bk; M1 does the same w/ W2
B. Cpl.1 cross, cast belowCpl.2 (who move up), Cpl.1 2-hands-turn half, fall back to prog. places; partners facing, circular-hey, 4 changes.

* Softly Good Tummas (longways, dpl proper)
(Andrew Shaw reconstruction)
A. 1s&2s single file circle half CW; All fwd to meet in ctr, turn single L back out, clap (2nd beat bar 8)
A Repeat CCW, turning single R to face.
B. 1s quick cast down, 2s lead up, ptnrs set; 2 changes rights and lefts (hands)
B. Set falling bk, cross by R shldr, turn R to face; 1s turn by R dwn to 2nd place WHILE 2s cast to 1st place.

Sun Assembly (longways, duple minor)
A. Circle half and fall back, keep hands with neighbor, 1s move fd and 2s bk up (gate) to progressed place, imp; Couple1 half fig.8 through couple above, who change places after 1s go thru, all set and turn single
B. Cpl.1 R hand across w/ cpl. below, cpl.1 L.hand across with couple above; cpl.1 lead through cpl below and cast up, partners turn 2-hands

Trip to Kilburn (longways, triple minor)
A. Cpl.1 cast to middle (2), circle L with 3s (4), lead down thru 3s (2)
A. Cpl.1 cast up to middle (2), circle L with 2s (4), lead up thru 2s (2)
B. Cpl.1 cast around 2s, circle 6 to left
B. Cpl.1 and 2 four quick changes of circular hey;
Cpl.1 & 2 turn partner 2 hands

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