Dances will probably be choosen from:

Ashford Anniversary   2/2	G	med	3 cpl mixer
Bellamira	      2/2	Gm	med	LD
Dublin Bay	      12/8	Cm	med	LD
Elizabeth	      3/4	G	med	LD
From Aberdeen	      2/2	G	m-h	LT
Geud Man of Ballangigh6/8	A	easy	LD
Good Man of Cambridge 2/2	A/F#m	med	LD
Hambleton's Round-O   3/2	Cm	hard	LT
Handel With Care      2/4	D	med	2cpl.
Hole in the Wall      3/2	Bb	easy	LD
Homecoming	      9/8       Gm/G    med     LD
Jack's Maggot	      2/2	D	med	LD
Mr. Isaac's Maggot    3/2	C	med	LD
Newcastle	      2/2	G	hard	square
Picking Up Sticks     6/8	Dm	med	3cpl.
The Pursuit*           2/2       G	med     LD
Sally in Our Alley    3/4	C	med	LD
Smithy Hill	      6/8	Dm	med	LD
Peace be with you*     4/4       Am	e-m	LD

*[UPDATE: "The Pursuit" has been replaced by 
"Peace be with you", in memory with those who 
died September 11, 2001 and in solidarity with the world 
community of English Dance.]