2001 Strafford Ball

Dance credits for recently composed dances are at the end of this document Some dance instructions not reproduced here yet, pending permission of author.

The evening’s dances will be selected from this list.

*= Dances appearing for the first time at the Ball

*Ashford Anniversary (Charles Bolton)

(three couple longways, mixer)

I. A. Up a double & back; lines fall bk a dbl & fd

B. Chorus: On R diagonal (M1 & W2, M2 & W3), set & change places while W1 & M3 go CCW around to change places; all turn single; set w/ new prtnr, turn 2 hands 1 1/2 to own side

II. Siding into lines (R sh, then L sh); Chorus

III. Arming; chorus

Bellamira (longways, duple minor)

reconstruction by Charles Bolton

A. Couple1 lead down, turn alone, lead up, gate to face down, improper.

A. Siding w/ neighbor; two-hand turn once around.

B. Change places with partner (right shoulder, slow); M2 cast up, W2 follow, ending in 1st place, proper.

B. M1 change with W2 (1st corner people in 2nd corner places), others change; All clap, circle halfway, and turn single L

Dublin Bay (longways, duple minor)

A. Couple1 cross, setting as they go, to corners. Turn corner by R hand once; Couple1 cross passing L sh., go below Cpl2, end in middle facing out, facing same sex. Arm R 1x, all finish facing down, Couple1 in center

B. In line, all fall back a double (up the hall), go forward a double, turn to face up; fall back a double (down the hall), come forward; Couple1 makes assisted cast to progressed place

*Elizabeth (longways duple)

Dance and tune (triple time) are by Colin Hume.

Copyright - instructions shown here only leading up to the ball

From Aberdeen (longways, triple minor)

A. 1s cast one place (2s lead up); 1s two hand turn 3/4 , & fall bk (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s)

B. 1M & 3s circle L once while 1W the same with 2s (2 bars); actives two-hand turn your 2nd corner half, while passing him/her from your L to your R, ending nearly in progressed place; M circle L once while W do same (2 bars); open to lines (2 bars); 1s turn 1/4 and fall back, M1 between 2s, W1 between 3s (2 bars).

B. As above, but with 1M and 1W in reversed roles and ending with a two hand turn halfway into progressed place.

* Geud Man of Ballangigh (longways duple)

A1 Cpl1 lead down betwe en Cpl2, cast up to place; two men lead between women and cast back

A2. Cpl2 lead up between Cpl1 and cast down; Two women lead between men and cast back

B1 M1 set forward to W2, turn single R to home; W1 does the same to M2

B2 Circle L half, fall back in lines, imp. & prog.; Partners set fd, change places, passing R. sh.

Good Man of Cambridge (longways duple)

Tune by Mozart; dance by Gary Roodman

A. Circle four once around to the left; ; 1st corners change, 2nd corners change

A. Repeat from these new places

B. Couple1 lead down and back (4); 2nd cpl lead up and back (4); Cpl2 cast up and dance half figure-8 down around orig. position while Couple1 move down and cast up to follow Cpl2 in figure-8 (end in line of 4 facing down, with men on left, women on right, Couple2 in middle)

C. Lines of 4 lead down a double, fall back, turn individually at end to face up; lines lead up a double, fall back, ends pull in at the last moment

C M1 & W1 (on ends) cross, go below and face up while Couple2 turn halfway and lead up into...; M2 and W2 gated up the middle by new Ones

Hambleton’s Round O (long, triple minor)

Tune is in triple time.

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s R (2 bars); face partner to start circular hey (4 changes)

* Handel With Care (2 cpl) Dance by Gary Roodman; tune is from Handel’s Water Music

I. A Partners fd. a double to other cpl and fall bk ; Partners lead away a dbl and fall back

B1 M1 and W2, followed by partners, cast off into line of 4 (M1 & W2 inside) facing up ; Line of four go up a double and fall back, bending the line into circle

B2 Circle L halfway; turn single R Starting w/ ptnr, 3 changes circular hey

II.A. Partners siding into lines: R sh, then L sh

B1 & 2 As above

III. A. Partners arm right; arm left

B1 & 2 As above

*Hole in the Wall (longways duple)

Tune (by Henry Purcell) is in triple time.

A1 Cpl1 cast down around 2s, lead up ctr. to place

A2 Cpl2 cast up around 1s, lead down ctr. to place

B 1st corners change, falling back on last 3 steps ; 2nd corners the same

Circle L halfway; Cpl1 cast, 2s moving up

*The Homecoming (longways, dpl improper)

Dance by Gary Roodman; tune by Jonathan Jensen

A1 Cpl1 around Cpl2 (man round two, lady cut thru)

A2 Cpl2 around Cpl1 and a little more, finishing in line of 4 facing up (W2-M1-M2-W1)

B1 Line of four lead up 3 steps, turn alone and fall bk 3 more steps (still moving up); Line of 4 lead down six steps

B2 Half hey-for-four, start passing r. sh. w/ nbr until M1 meets W2 in "men’s line"; 2-hand turn, end facing out of set with M on R, W on L

C1 W/ neighbor, lead away, turn alone, lead back ; Woman change places, men change places

C2 Take hands four and circle left halfway; All two-hand turn with partner

Jack’s Maggot (longways, duple proper)

A. M1 cross down the set & hey for 3 w/ 2 women, starting R. shoulder w/ W2, end in original place

A. W1 the same w/ 2 men, starting L sh. w/ M2

B. All R hands across, L hands back (skipping step)

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners same; all 4 circle halfway, cpl.1 cast down (2s lead up)

Mr. Isaac’s Maggot (longways, duple minor)

A. M1 turn W2 by R hand 3/4; return to his place moving below & around M2; W1 turn M2 by L 3/4, return to her place moving below & around W2

B. Inside hands w/ neigh., all fall back 6 steps, come fd. 3 steps, turn single R, face partner & circular hey (3 changes), end in line of 4 facing up (1s betw. 2s); take hands, up double & back, 1st couple assisted cast to 2nd place


Newcastle (square for 4 couples) 3 parts

I. A. Into center & back; set to prtnr, set to corner

A. Repeat

B. Arm R. partner; all 4 men L hands across while women skip CW around outside

B. Arm L partner; women R hands across while men skip CCW around outside

II. A. Partners side; slow set & honor, on to next

A. Repeat with new partner

B. New side couples lead in, return & make arch; others cast out, thru arch, ret. to place (skipping step)

B. Repeat, reversing roles

III. A. Arm R current partner; arm L 1 1/2 to change places

A. Repeat with new partner, end in lines of 4 up and down the hall

B. Lines fall back, come forward; turn single, pass R and form new lines across hall (former ends now in middle)

B. Repeat, but ending in original place

*Picking Up Sticks
(long, three couples)

I. A1. M1 change with W2, then M3; W1 change with M2, then W3. All up a double & bk.

A2. Person in M1 position changes with W2 position, then 3M position (as above). W1 position does the same. All up a dbl & bk.

A3-A7. Repeat until all back to place.

II. A1. Siding, twice

A2. Cpl1 4 slipping steps down between Cpl2 while they slip up outside to the top

Repeat, Cpl2 slips down inside, Cpl1 up outside

Repeat all this

Meanwhile, Cpl3 face, cross & skip around outside of set, cross at top & back to place

A3 Cpl3 and Cpl2 repeat movement, 3s slipping up inside, 2s down outside while Cpl1 cross and skip around outside of the set

III. A1 Partners arm right, then left

A2-4 Men’s sheepskin hey

A5-7 Women’s sheepskin hey

*The Pursuit
(longways, duple minor)

A1 M1 hey with women, finishing by moving down the outside to progressed place, M2 moves up

A2 W1 hey with the men, move down outside to her progressed place, W2 moving up

B1 Ones lead through new Twos below, while Twos cast up and lead down; all two-hand turn partner once around

B2 Ones figure-8 up through original Twos

Sally in our Alley (longways, duple minor)

Dance reconstructed by Jacqueline Schwab; tune is in waltz time.

A1 (12) 1st corners cast out left (M1 down, W2 up) around neighbors, pass L sh in center and loop right around partner into each other’s place

A2 (12) 2nd corners cast out R (M2 up, W1 down) around neighbors, pass R sh in center and loop L around same-sex neighbor into each other’s place

B1 (12) All fall back, return & cross with partner, looping R into…

(12) Four changes of circular hey (no hands)

B2 First corners (in 2nd corner places) change by L shoulder; 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) change by R sh; quick circle left once (all home, improper) (6); Cpl.1 long cast off (6) and 2-hand turn while Cpl.2 move up and two-hand turn 1-1/2

Smithy Hill (longways, duple minor improper)

(dance by Tom Cook; music by Brian Jenkins)

A. Circle L (2 bars, starting L foot), step L&R; repeat to place; W change by R shoulder, Men change; repeat to place, end facing out.

A. Neighbors lead out, change places (W moving under arch of joined hand); W pass by R hand to face partner in line of 4, turn L to change w/ prtnr (box the gnat) ending with M in middle; Hey for 4 across starting L w/ partner (hands only on 1st change); partners take both hands, men pull women to progressed place, step L&R.

Added in memory with those who died September 11, 2001 and in solidarity with the world community of English dancers:

Peace be with you (longways, duple minor)

(dance by Fried DeMetz Herman)

A1 1st corner set to each other, change places by R-shoulder. R-hand star 1/2-way, all turn S. to the L.

A2 Repeat with 2nd corner setting & crossing.

B1 2 changes of Right & Left (start with ptn., give hands, no polite turn at end of 2nd change) All 2-hand turn with ptn. 1 1/2 x around, into

B2 Hands 4 halfway. Still holding hands with nbr. fall slightly back. Gate figure: 1st cu. lead thru 2nd cu. and cast back into progressed places, assisted by 2nd cu. with inside hand.

Dance Credits for recently composed dances