2000 Dance List

Our focus is on developing a repertoire including old chestnuts and repeats from previous Strafford balls, and on setting an atmosphere which is friendly to the new English dancer. Dances will be called several times through.
The year 2000 program is not final yet, but the dances will probably
be selected from the following:

code                            time    key     form    difficulty
*       Christchurch Bells      2/2     C       LD      easy
*       Dressed Ship            2/2     A       LD      easy
R       Dublin Bay              12/8    Cm      LD      med
R       Fandango                6/8     D       3 cpl   med
*       Good Man of Cambridge   4/4     Am      LD      med
R       Hambleton's Round-O     3/2     Cm      LT      hard
*       Hit and Miss            6/8     Em      2 cpl   med
R       Jack's Maggot   	2/2     D       LD      med
R       Jacob Hall's Jig        6/8     Fm      LD      med
R       Kelsterne Gardens       4/4     Dm      3 cpl   med
R       Lilli Burlero           6/8     G       LD      easy
R       Mad Robin               2/2     Bb      LD      med
R       Mr. Beveridge's Maggot  3/2     Gm      LD      med
*       Nonesuch                2/2     Dm      4 cpl   med
*       The Old Mill            3/2     G       3 cpl   med
R       Punchbowl               3/4     G       LD      hard
*       Quite Carr-ied Away     3/4     G       LT      hard
*       Sally in Our Alley      3/4     C       LD      med
R       Trip to Kilburn         2/2     Am      LT      med

R = dance being repeated from a previous year; part of our developing local
"standard repertoire"
* = new dance for the Strafford Ball