2000 Strafford Ball

The evening’s dances will be selected from this list.


= Dances appearing for the first time at the Ball

Christchurch Bells (long, duple minor)

A. M1 turn W2 by R hand, then partner by L hand

B. M2 turn W1 by L hand, then partner by R hand

C. Circle four hands once around, slipping (4); clap hands (own, partner’s R, own, partner’s L), Couple1 cast down, Couple 2 lead up center

The Dressed Ship (longways, duple minor)

A. M1 & W2 set forward, fall back, turn two hands

A. Second corners do the same

B. Cpl.1 cast to 2nd place, Cpl2. lead up on bars 3-4; all set to partner, men turn partners CCW under their R arms

B. CPl.1 cast to top, Cpl.2 leading down on bars 3-4; all set to partner, Cpl.2 cast up while Cpl.1 lead down ctr, M1 turning partner under as in B1

Dublin Bay (longways, duple minor)

A. Couple1 cross, setting as they go, to corners. (1) Turn corner by R hand once (2-3); Couple1 cross passing L sh., go below Cpl2, end in middle facing out, facing same sex (4-5). Arm R 1x, all finish facing down, Couple1 in center (6-7)

B. In line, all fall back a double (up the hall), go forward a double, turn to face up; fall back a double (down the hall), come forward; Couple1 makes assisted cast to progressed place

Fandango (longways, duple minor)

I A. Cpl.1 turn by R hand; long cast to 2nd place

A. Cpl.1 turn by L hand; cast to 3rd place

B. Slipping circle 6 to L; and R

B. Cpl.1 lead to top; cast to middle (3s move down), meet, and turn single down

II. A. Contrary corners (2 hand): M1 turn W3 while W1 turn M2; cpl.1 turn 2-hands

A. M1 turn W2 2-hands while W1 turn M3; Cpl.1 turn 1 1/2 in ctr (end skipping)

B. Figure-8s across: M1 figure-8 thru top couple (pass R shoulder with W2) while W1 figure-8 thru bottom cpl. (pass R shoulder with M3), Cpl.1 pass by L sh.

B. Heys for 3 across: M1 hey with bottom cpl while W1 hey with top cpl (at end: Cpl.1 lead to bottom)

Good Man of Cambridge (long duple)

(Tune by Mozart; dance by Gary Roodman)

A. Couples 1 & 2 circle left, 1x; 1st corners change, 2nd corners change

A. Repeat from these new places

B. Couple1 lead down and back (4); 2nd cpl lead up and back (4); Cpl2 cast up and dance half figure-8 down around orig. position while Couple1 move down and cast up to follow Cpl2 in figure-8 [end in line of 4 facing down (men on left, women on right) w/ Couple2 in middle]

C. Lines of 4 lead down a double, fall back, turn in di vidually at end to face up; lines lead up a double, fall back, ends pull in at the last moment

C M1 & W1 (on ends) cross, go below and face up while Couple2 turn halfway and lead up into...

M2 and W2 gated up the middle by ones

Hambleton’s Round O (long, triple minor)

Tune is in triple time.

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places, M1 & W2 same, circle L half & all t.s R (2 bars); face partner to start circular hey (4 changes)

Hit and Miss (2 couples facing)

I. AA. All fd. a double and fall back; repeat

B. All fd., men lead opposite women away

B. Change hands, men lead same women bk

C. Prtnrs face, circular hey, 4 changes, (skip)

II. AA. Partners side twice; repeat BB and C

III. AA. Partners arm R then L, repeat BB and C

Jack’s Maggot (longways, duple proper)

A. M1 cross down the set & hey for 3 w/ 2 women, starting R. sh. w/ W2, end in orig. place

A. W1 the same w/ 2 men, starting L sh. w/ M2

B. All R hands across, L hands back

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners same; all 4 circle halfway, cpl.1 cast down (2s lead up)

Jacob Hall’s Jig (longways, duple proper)

A. M1 turn W2 R hand, then partner L hand; couple1 and W2 circle 3 hands counter-cw

A. M2 turn W1 L hand, then partner R hand; couple2 and W1 circle 3 hands clockwise

B. Cpl.1 lead down ctr and lead back up to stand between cpl.2, all facing up in line of four; line lead up dbl.and fall bk, all ending progressed

B. Circle 4-hands once; couple1 lead thru couple above & cast to progressed place

Kelsterne Gardens (longways, 3 couples)

A. All mirror hey, 1s going between 2s to start

A. 1s and 2s double figure-8: Couple1 cross down thru center and move up outside while couple2 cast up outside to start and cross thru center

B. 1s & 2s, circle 4; 1s cast down, 2s moving up

B. 1s & 3s, circle 4; 1s cast to bottom, 3s moving up

Lilli Burlero (longways, duple minor proper)

Tune is 24 bars.

A. Cpl.1 lead down thru 2s and cast up;

2s lead up thru 1s and cast down

B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners change;

Nbrs fall back a double, come fd, turning sgl R

B. Partners change (pass R shoulders), neighbors change places, moving backwards along line and passing R shoulders; partners face and circular hey, 3 changes, skipping

Mad Robin (longways, duple minor)

A. M1 turn W2 by RH, partner by LH & cast to 2nd place (M2 moves up)

A. W1 turn partner (in 2nd place) by LH, turn M2 by RH & cast to 2nd place (W2 moves up)

B. W1 moves up center & casts down while M1 moves up outside & down center to 2nd place; Couple1 turn 2-hands once around

B. Couple2, similar (W2 starting down the center.)

Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot (longways, duple)

Tune is in triple time.

A. M1 & W1 change places & fall back; back-to-back w/ neighbor

A. Couple1 turn single (R), RH turn with neighbor; couple1 turn by L hand halfway to prog. place

B. Couple1 cross & move down outside (2s lead up), partners bk-to-bk ending in line of 4 (1s between 2s) facing up; lead up "5 steps & close," fall back w/ Cpl.1 imp. in 1st place, Cpl.2 proper in 2nd place

B. Couple1 figure-8 thru 2s (skipping), Couple1 cross & move down outside (2s move up)

Nonesuch (4 couple longways)

I. A. Lead up a double & fall back; repeat

B. Set and turn single. to partner; repeat

II. A. Cpl.1 set fd to meet, slip down between Cpl.2, turn out to face same-sex neighbor; on diagonal, M1 and W1 push nbr out and draw bk, opening out to face across in prog. places

B. Same four, facing partner, fall bk a double and move fd. a double, turn partners 2-hands

Repeat 4x, top cpl. joining in when lead cpl. starts from 3rd place; orig. bottom couple ends in top place and becomes Couple1

III. A. Partners side over, turn single right; partners side back to place, turn single right

B. New first man spring to ctr of set, facing down, his partner does the same, facing up toward partner; each couple do likewise

IV. A. Partners arm R, L; face partner, all go 4 slips to left and back into line

B. Continue, slipping 4 steps to R & back

V. A. First man spring out to place; partner and others do the same in sequence

BA. Progressive hey, with hands: Couple1 start by taking RH, others face up and join in; go all around set to finish from this starting place

The Old Mill (3 couple longways)

Tune, by Brian Jenkins, is in triple time.

A. M1 casts below M2, RH turn L3 once, then leads up outside to prtner’s orig. place while W1 balances back then follows partner around M2, overtakes him while he is turning W3, casts up outside around W2 and ends in partner’s orig. place (6); Couple1 LH turn halfway

A. Repeat in reverse direction (L1 casts, LH turn with M3, etc., ending with RH turn halfway

B. Cpl.1 lead down middle and face W2 and W3, heys for three across the set (6 changes), Cpl.1 RH turn 3/4 (ending improper in middle) (8); Cpl.1 cross by R sh, cast to top and face down, then t.s. away and face down, others face up (4), Couple1 lead to bottom, others come up outside to follow; Couple1 cast up to middle, end 3-1-2

The Punch Bowl (longways, duple proper)

Tune is in waltz time.

A. 1s cross, go below, meet & go through next couple, cast up to middle while 2s meet, lead up, separate, go outside the 1s, turn in to meet partner, lead down to meet original 1s; hands 4 circle left halfway, 1s cast, 2s lead up

A. Repeat with roles reversed (2s cross, etc.);

at end, all are in original places but improper

B. Second corner positions change (1st corner people)

First corner positions change

Hands 4, circle left halfway

1s cast, 2s lead up (progression)

All, two-hand turn partner halfway

Quite Carr-ied Away (long, triple minor)

Waltz time. (Dance & tune by Pat Shaw)

A. Ones & twos circle half, pass thru (across set); Ones back-to-back along line (M1 up with M2,W1 down w/ W3), end facing partner

A. Ones circle with the cpl at the other end of the set; whole set back-to-back ptnr (1s in middle, all proper)

B. Ones RH turn all the way (4 bars, very spacious); M1 half hey up with 2s while W1 half hey down with 3s, interrupt hey with LH turn 1st corner person (on own side), then ones hook to middle position passing by L sh. All improper, still 2,1,3.

B2 Ones RH turn once then hey at the other end (M1 down, W1 up), finishing hey with RH turn w/ person of opposite sex in that couple, then Ones pass by L shoulder and reach down for new circle

Sally in our Alley (longways, duple minor)

Tune is in waltz time.

A1 (12) 1st corners cast out left (M2 down, W2 up) around neighbors, pass L sh in center and loop right around partner into each other’s place

A2 (12) 2nd corners cast out R (M2 up, W1 down) around neighbors, pass R sh in center and loop L around same-sex neighbor into each other’s place

B1 (12) All fall back, return & cross with partner, looping R into…

(12) Four changes of circular hey (no hands)

B2 First corners (in 2nd corner places) change by L shoulder; 2nd corners (in 1st corner places) change by R sh; circle left 1x (all home, improper) (6); Cpl.1 long cast off (6) and 2-hand turn while Cpl.2 move up and two-hand turn 1-1/2

Trip to Kilburn (longways, triple minor)

A. Cpl.1 cast to middle (2), circle L with 3s (4), lead down thru 3s (2)

A. Cpl.1 cast up to middle (2), circle L with 2s (4), lead up thru 2s (2)

B. Cpl.1 cast around 2s, circle 6 to left

B. Cpl.1 and 2 four quick changes of circular hey ; Cpl.1 & 2 turn partner 2 hands


Dance Credits for recently composed dances

The Good Man of Cambridge is written by Gary Roodman to a tune by Mozart. The dance is published in Gary's wonderful book "Additional Calculated Figures" (1992). Brief instructions are published here by permission of the author (8/7/00).