1999 Strafford Ball Dance Directions

The evening's dances will be selected from this list.

* = Dances appearing for the first time at the Ball

* Barbarini's Tambourine (longways, dpl.)

A. First corners cast L (man down, woman up) around nbrs, pass by L shoulder in ctr, cast R around partner to end in each other's place

A. Second corners do similar: cast right, pass right shoulder, cast left around neighbor (end with all progressed and improper)

B. All fall back and cross to proper side, facing neighbor (4); with neighbor, back to back; partners, back to back

B. 4 changes of rights and lefts (with hands), starting with partner (8); partners two-hand turn once around

Easter Morn (longways, duple minor)

(1994, Erna-Lynne Bogue, CDSS Newsletter)

A. Cpl.1 cast down (2s move up); half fig-8 thru 2s

A. With next couple along the line, R.H. across;

with original couple, L.H. across

B. Original foursome, circle right; Cpl.2 gate the ones up thru center and back to prog. place

B. Cpl.1 lead down thru new Cpl. 2 below, cast up; all turn partner two hands to end proper (ones turn 1-1/2 while twos turn once around)

Easter Thursday (longways, duple minor)

Tune is 24 bars, in triple time.

A. Neighbors back to back, partners back to back; neighbors turn, partners turn.

B. All balance back, forward, to the R, to the L, then turn single to place; Cpl.1 half figure 8 down, then cross and go below Cpl.2 (who move up); 2 hand turn with partner.

* Fenterlarick (longways, duple minor)

by Joyce Walker

A. Second corners the same

B. Women lead through the M, cast back to place; Men lead through the W, then cast bk to place

B. Partner left hand 3/4 to form line of four up and down the set; First woman and second man right-hand turn 1-1/2 while first man and second woman continue around (CCW) to change places and meet partner; partner turn left hand 3/4 to progressed places

--> From Aberdeen (longways, triple minor)

A. 1s cast one place (2s lead up); 1s two hand turn 3/4 , & fall bk (M1 between 3s, W1 between 2s)

B. 1M & 3s circle L once while 1W the same with 2s (2 bars); 2nd corners two-turn halfway the active M or W from your R to your L, ending almost in progressed position (2 bars); M circle L once while W do same (2 bars); open to lines (2 bars); 1s turn 1/4 and fall back, M1 between 2s, W1 between 3s (2 bars).

B. As above, but with 1M and 1W in reversed roles and ending with a two hand turn halfway into progressed place.

* Halfe Hannikin (longways, duple minor, improper mixer)

A. Lead up a double and back; repeat

B. Siding w/ prtnr (4); turn 2 hands with prtnr (3), Individuals progress (1): each line moves half a place--men's line up, women's line down.

During 2nd repetition first M is out at the top, last W out at the bottom, and everyone else dances with a partner of same gender.

Hambleton's Round O (long, triple minor)

Tune is in triple time.

A. Couple1 cast to 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by L while W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-hands in middle (last 2 bars)

B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places (1 bar), M1 & W2 same (1 bar), circle L half & all turn sing R (2 bars); face partner for circular hey (4 changes, no hands)

John Tallis' Canon (longways, duple minor)

by Pat Shaw (Note: Second corners lag first corners by 2 bars throughout the dance.)

A. Corners meet, fall back; cross over (pass R), and turn over left shoulder

A. Repeat

B. Corners turn R; set moving back, turn single R

B. Corners turn L; fall back, turn single moving forward (1st corners veer R in front, 2nd corners veer L behind)

Juice of Barley (longways, duple minor)

Tune is 24 bars.

A. Partners back-to-back; partners turn two-hands once around

B. Men half figure-8 between women, M1 leading; all clap hands; circle 4-hands CW once around

B. Women half figure-8 between men, W1 leads; all clap and circle 4-hands CW once around

* The Lovers' Knot (longways, duple improper)

by Jim Kitch

[see Gems publication, below. Web instructions only available around the time of the ball, by request of the author]

Miss deJersey's Memorial (longways, duple)

by Pat Shaw Tune is in waltz time.

A. Cpl.1 turn R 1-1/2 moving down; hey for 4 across (5 changes) starting M1 & W2 passing L, W1 & M2 passing L (end Cpl.2 imp. facing)

A. Cpl.2 turn L 1-1/2; hey for 4 (four changes) starting W pass R, finish improper (with men prog.)

B. Circle L 3/4, men half fig.-8 thru W (M2 go 1st); back-to-back partner (mirror image, Men between W), circle R 3/4 , end orig. place, imp.

B. Cpl.1 lead down a dbl and continue down, turning to fall back a dbl, while Cpl.2 fall bk & move up the set with 2 chassé steps;Cpl.1 lead up, separate, and continue up while Cpl2 meet & lead down; (end orig. place, imp.); turn prtnr 2-hands, pass R with prtnr, turn bk on nbr, pass r. sh. falling back to prog. place

Newcastle (square for 4 couples) 3 parts

I. A. Into center & back; set to prtnr, set to crner

A. Repeat

B. Arm R. partner; all 4 men L hands across while women skip CW around outside

B. Arm L partner; women R hands across while men skip CCW around outside

II. A. Partners side; slow set & honor, on to next

A. Repeat with new partner

B. New side couples lead in, return & make arch; others cast out, thru arch, ret. to place

B. Repeat, reversing roles

III. A. Arm R current partner; arm L 1 1/2 to change places

A. Repeat with new partner, end in lines of 4 up and down the hall

B. Lines fall back, come forward; turn single, pass R and form new lines across hall (former ends now in middle)

B. Repeat, but ending in original place

Prince William (3 cpl., longways) 2 parts

I. A. Hey on opp. sides (Cpl.1 cross, mirror hey)

A. Hey on own side (1s cross bk, mirror hey)

B. Couple1 cross, go below (2s move up); Couple1 turn partner 2-hands 1 1/2

B. Couple2 do the same

II. A. Turn contrary corners: M1 to W3 first, W1 to M2 (R turn); Couple1 turn L in center

A. M1 turn W2, W1 turn M3 (R. H); Couple1 turn L (end facing woman's wall)

B. Couple1 lead out between women, separate into ctr. via end of set; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands

B. Couple1 lead out between men, separate; Cpl.1 turn 2-hands in center, moving to bottom while 3s move up

Repeat for each of the other couples.

Round About Our Coal Fire (longways dpl)

(Based on Tom Cook's interpretation in Hunter's Moon, except he calls for a two couple set)

A. Cpl.1 lead down (1 bar), turn inwards & lead up (1 bar); 1s cast down, 2s leading up (2 bars); orig. Cpl.2 do the same, all back to orig. places

B. Cpl.1 & W2 straight hey for 3 across room, (W2 pass left shoulders with M1); Cpl.1 continue the hey w/ M2, who starts by passing W1 by R sh.

A. W1 advances towards M2, who retreats, w/ 2 hands pulls him to ctr of the set; they turn 2-hands once & fall bk; M1 does the same w/ W2

B. Cpl.1 cross, cast belowCpl.2 (who move up), Cpl.1 2-hands-turn half, fall back to prog. places; partners facing, circular-hey, 4 changes.

Siege of Limerick (longways, duple proper)

Tune is in triple time.

A. M1 cast below M2 and pass CW around W2 to M2's place (M2 move up); W1 do likewise.

B. Couple1 cast up, all back to back with partner, 4 changes Couple1 lead down, back, and cast (Couple2 move up).

Smithy Hill (longways, duple minor improper)

(1987, Tom Cook; music by Brian Jenkins)

A. Circle L (2 bars, starting L foot), step L&R; repeat to place; W change by R shoulder, Men change; repeat to place, end facing out.

A. Neighbors lead out, change places (W moving under arch of joined hand); W pass by R hand to face partner in line of 4, turn L to change w/ prtnr (W under arch) ending with M in middle; Hey for 4 across starting L w/ partner (hands only on 1st change); partners take both hands, men pull women to progressed place, step L&R.

* Take a Dance (longways, duple minor)

A. Ones lead down between twos and cast up to place; two-hand turn once around

A. Twos do same except leading up between ones

B. Ones cross & go down one place, twos moving up; ones half figure 8 up through the twos

B. 4 changes of rights and lefts (hands), starting with right hand to partner

Well Hall (longways. duple proper) Waltz time.

A. Couple1 turn R 1 1/2; cast down (2s move up), 1s change places, baking into proper side

A. Couple2, the same

B. 1st corners change (2 measures), 2nd corners change; Circle L 1/2 way, all turn single (1s turn up & away from ptnr, 2s down & away)

B. 2nd corners change, 1st corners change; Circle L halfway, 1s cast down as 2s lead up

* The Whirligig (3 couple, longways)

I. A1: Up a double and back; repeat

B1: 2s lead up, cast to place, half figure 8 up through the 1s, and cross to return home.

B2: 2s lead down, cast up to place, half fig- 8 down thru 3s, and cross to return home.

A2: Great cast: 1s followed by 2s and 3s cast to bottom and remain there; 2s followed by 3s lead down between 1s & cast to top and middle places respectively.

Repeat part I B1, B2, A2 from progressed place twice until all home.

II. A1: Siding; repeat

B1: M2 arm W1 by R, then hey with the 1s, while W2 arm M3 by R and hey with 3s.

B2: Repeat B1 exactly but with M2 and W2 in reversed roles.

A2: Great cast as in A2 above. Repeat part II B1, B2, A2 twice until all home.

III. A1: Arming R and L.

B1: M1 followed by M2 casts to 2nd place and leads back up to place, while first two women do likewise; top two couples right hands across.

B2: M3 followed by M2 casts to 2nd place and leads back down to place, while bottom two women do likewise; bottom 2 couples right hands across.

A2: Great cast as in A2 above. Repeat part III B1, B2, A2 twice until all home.


Dance Credits for recently composed dances

Easter Morn Dance by Erna-Lynne Bogue Tune: Miss Gordon of Gight, Isaac Cooper (c. 1755-1820) Brief instructions published here by permission of author(7/98); full instructions and tune printed in "Country Dance and Song Society News", Issue 121, Nov/Dec 1994. Dance written for David West and Donna Baird.

Fenterlarick by Joyce Walker has been published in "Country Dance and Song Society News", Issue 97, Nov/Dec 1990 and also in "Not Quite Playford, p.15".

Lover's Knot by Jim Kitch; full instructions and tune ("Black and Gray", the same tune used for "Trip to Kilburn") printed in the CDSS publication "Gems, the Best of the Country Dance and Song Society Diamond Jubilee Music, Dance, and Song Contest".

Smithy Hill Dance by Tom Cook Music by Brian Jenkins full instructions and tune printed in "Hunter's Moon", by Tom Cook, page 22. Brief instructions here by permission of the author (7/30/01 letter).