1996 Strafford Ball

Dance Directions

The evening's dances will be selected from this list.

* = dances repeated from 1995 StraffordBall

Bellamira (longways, duple proper)
A. Couple1 lead down, turn alone, lead up, gate to face down,improper.
A. Siding with neighbor; two-hand turn once around.
B. Change places with partner (right shoulder, slow); M2 castup, W2 follow, ending in 1st place, proper.
B. M1 change with W2 (1st corner people in 2nd corner places),others change; All clap, circle halfway, and turn single L

Childgrove (longways, duple improper)
A. Partners side; partners back-to-back
A. Repeat above with neighbor
B. Neighbors turn2-hands 1 1/2, skipping, face across set;partners turn 2-hands
B. Couple1 figure-8 thru the 2s above, skipping

Dick's Maggot (longways, duple proper)
Tune is in triple time.

A. M1 & W1 change places, lead down to 2s' place while2s cast up; all balance then change with partner. (End 2s imp,1s prop)
A. M2 & W2 change places, lead down, while 1s cast up; all backto back with partner
B. Right and left (no hands) 3 changes, starting facing partner;turn partner twice around

Face the Music (longways, duple proper by Fried Herman)
A. Right hands across halfway into 1st corners crossed-hand swingonce around while 2nd corners release and balance backand fwd;
Repeat all that with 2nd corners swinging;
Long lines fall back, set; fwd, Couple1 cast down and facein while Couple2 cross up into first place facing out,Couple1 facing in .
B. Mirror turn neighbor (Couple1 between Couple2); Couple1 halffigure-8 thru Couple2 above, all cross by R w/ partner, turn singleR; Circle 4 once L; Left hands across once around

Farewell Marian(double circle, with men in center facing partner; mixer by Gwyn Williams)
Tune is in waltz time.
A1. Partners taking both hands slip 4 steps CCW; balance topartner and turn single
A2. Repeat (slip in same direction)
B. Taking R hands, partners balance fd & bk, partners changeplaces (turning under man's arm); taking L hands with Ldiagonal opposite, balance fd & bk and change places
A3. Waltz new partner around set

The Female Saylor (longways, duple prop.)
A. Couple1 leadthrough couple above and cast down to place (at top, lead thruimaginary cpl.); Couple1 lead through couple below and castup to place
A. Couple1 half figure-8 thru couple below; Cpl.1 turn R.H.around, end improper, facing down
B. All back to back w/ neighbors; all turn two-hands withneighbors
B. All, partners back to back; Couple1 turn two-hands halfwayand cast down while Couple2 turn two-hands moving up centerone place

Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
(3 couple longways) 2 parts
I. A. Cpl.1 set fd and cast, 2s move up; 2s repeat
A. Repeat first A.
B. M1, going down center, figure-8 thru Couple3, passingW3 L sh while W1, following partner, fig-8 thru Cpl.2,passing M2 R. sh
B. Couple1, passing R sh., fig-8 at other end, M1 passingW2 R sh, W1 passing M3 R. sh.
II. A. Circle 3 hands 1-1/2 at ends (M1 w/ Couple3, W1 w/Couple2 who are now in top place); Couple1 pass R sh, join handswith other cpls
A. Circle three-hands 1-1/2 at ends; Cpl.1 pass R sh, turnR to face prtnr in middle, proper
B. M1 hey for 3 with Couple3, passing W3 L sh while W1 heywith Couple2, passing M2 L sh
B. Couple1, passing R sh, hey at other end, M1 passing W2R sh, W1 passing M3 R sh; Cpl.1 cast to bottom, Cpl.3 move to2nd place

* Hambleton's Round O (longways,triple)
Tune is in triple time.

A. Couple1 castto 2nd place (2s move up), M1 hey with Couple3 passing W3 by Lwhile W1 hey w/ Couple2 (pass M2 by L). Couple1 turn 2-handsin middle (last 2 bars)
B. W1 & M2 (in 1st corner positions) change places (1 bar),M1 & W2 same (1 bar), circle L half & all turn sing R (2 bars);face partner for rights and lefts (4 changes, no hands)

* John Tallis's Canon (longways,duple by Pat Shaw)
A. Corners meet,fall back; cross over (pass R), turn single left
A. Repeat as above
B. Corners turn R; set moving back, turn single R
B. Corners turn L; fall back, turn single moving forward (1stcorners veer R in front, 2nd corners veer L behind)

Juice of Barley (longways, duple proper)
A. Partners back-to-back; partners turn two-handsonce around
B. Men half figure-8 between women, M1 leading; all clap handson first beat and circle 4-hands CW once around
B. Women half figure-8 between men, W1 leads; all clap and circle4-hands CW once around

Knole Park (longways, duple proper)
A. Circle four-hands once around; 1st corners change, 2nd cornerschange
A. Repeat A1 to place
B. Couple1 lead down center, lead back and cast down one place,2s moving up
B. Whole poussette CCW, first man (in 2nd place) pushing

Orleans Baffled (longways,triple proper)
Tuneis in triple time.

A. Couple1 cast to middle, half poussette with Couple3 (M1pushes); Couple1 cast to middle, half poussette w/ Couple2 (W1pushes)
B. 1st corners change, 2nd corners change; face along lines, 3changes R & L to prog. place

* PrinceWilliam (3 cpl., longways) 2 parts
I. A. Heyon opp. sides (Cpl.1 cross, mirror hey)
A. Hey on own side (1s cross bk, mirror hey)
B. Couple1 cross, go below (2s move up); Couple1 turn partner2-hands 1 1/2
B. Couple2 do the same
II. A.Turn contrary corners: M1 to W3 first, W1 to M2 (R turn); Couple1turn L in center
A. M1turn W2, W1 turn M3 (R. H); Couple1 turn L (end facing woman's wall)
B. Couple1 leadout between women, separate into ctr. via end of set; Cpl.1turn 2-hands
B. Couple1 leadout between men, separate; Couple1 turn 2-hands in center, movingto bottom while 3s move up
Repeat for each of the other couples.

* The Punch Bowl (longways, duple proper)
Tuneis in waltz time.

A. 1s cross, go below, meet& go through next couple, cast up to middle while 2s meet,lead up, separate, go outside the 1s, turn in to meet partner,lead down to meet original 1s; hands 4 circle left halfway, 1scast, 2s lead up
A. Repeat with roles reversed (2s cross, etc.);
at end, all are in original places but improper
B. 2nd corner positions change (1st crnr people)
1st corner positions change
Hands 4, circle left halfway
1s cast, 2s lead up (progression)
All, two-hand turn partner halfway

The Queen's Jig (longways, duple proper)
A. 1st corners side, then set and turn single
A. 2nd corners repeat A1
B. 1st corners change,2nd corners change; partners face, balance back, &change places
B. All right hands across; all turn single

The Shrewsbury Lasses (3 couple, longways)
A.M1 only slow set and honor to W2; 2-hand turn
A. W1 only slow set and honor to M2; 2-hand turn
B. Couple1 cast to middle(2s move up), circle Left w/ Couple3; then skip around ends (M1around top, W1 around bottom), Couple1 turn halfway to end properin middle place
B. Couple3 cast up to middle(1s move down), circle L w/ Couple2; then skip around ends (M2around top, W3 around bottom), Couple3 turn halfway to end properin middle place
Repeat for each of the other couples.

Siege of Limerick (longways, duple proper)
Tune isin triple time.

A. M1 cast below M2 and passCW around W2 to M2's place (M2 move up); W1 do likewise.
B. Couple1 cast up, all back to back with partner, 4 changes (skipping);Couple1 lead down, back, and cast (Couple2 move up).

* Sun Assembly (longways, duple proper)
A. Circle half and fall back, keep hands with neighbor, 1smove forward and 2s back up (gate) to progressed place,improper;
Couple1 half figure-8 through couple above, who changeplaces after 1s go through, all set and turn single
B. Cpl.1 R hand across w/ cpl. below, Cpl.1 L.hand across withcouple above; Cpl.1 lead through couple below and cast up, partnersturn 2-hands

A Trip to Tunbridge (3 couple, longways)
A. Couple1 castsdown to bottom of set, "takes a peek" andcasts up to top
A. Couple1 leads down center; skipping, same couple lead backand cast to middle place
B. Couple1 passes R. sh. to turn 1st corners R hand (M1 with W3,W1 with M2); passing R shoulders again, Couple1 turns 2nd cornerR hand (M1 with W2, W1 with M3)
B. Couple1 passes R shoulders; all face out on own side, thenM1 leads 2nd and 3rd men out a double and falls back whileW1 leads 2nd and 3rd women out a double and falls back. Allturn R to face partners.
Repeat for each of other couples.

* Well Hall (longways.duple proper)
Tune is in triple time.
A. Couple1 turnR 1 1/2; cast down (2s move up),1s change places, baking into proper side
A. Couple2, the same
B. 1st corners change (2 measures), 2nd corners change; CircleL 1/2 way, all turn single (1s turn up & away from ptnr, 2s down& away)
B. 2nd corners change, 1st corners change; Circle L halfway, 1scast down as 2s lead up