An English Country Dance in South Strafford, Vermont, USA

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The Strafford Ball is held the first Saturday in October of each year, usually in S. Strafford VT.
Sometimes (2006, 2007, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2023, 2028, 2029) this is also Columbus day weekend;
then the ball is typically held in Fairlee VT.

The Twenty-Fifth Annual Strafford Ball
October 5, 2019, featuring:

music by Norwich Assembly:
  • Thal Aylward (violin, viola),
  • Rachel Clark (flute and accordion),
  • Carol Compton (keyboards), and
  • Chris Rua (recorders and oboe)

    with calling by Scott Higgs

    in Barrett Hall, S. Strafford, VT

  • Enjoy a wonderful evening of best-beloved Playford style dances in a charming Vermont village hall during the height of Autumn color. Then, if you like, socialize with other ball dancers at a country brunch and take in the fall foliage with a Vermont walk or a New Hampshire mountain hike on Sunday.

    Please contact, if you have questions.

    REGISTRATION & Information:

    e-Flyers generally go out in April or May. A lottery will be held on August 5, if needed due to limited space.



    Admission lottery (if necessary): August 5


    Dance classes (optional)
    The ball dances will be taught in four sessions prior to ball:

    October - The Ball Weekend

    Saturday afternoon review session:

    Saturday Dinner 5:30PM: will be catered in the hall. There are few restaurants nearby, so we encourage you to sign up for this. You are also welcome to to bring your own dinner and eat at the hall with us. There is a link to a list of alternative restaurants below.

    The Strafford Ball

    Sunday Country Brunch Sunday Country Walks and Hikes
    Local Lodging and Restaurants

    A list of lodging possibilities, including the option of staying with local dancers will be sent with your acceptance letter.
    Nearby Dartmouth College also maintains a list of local lodging and dining options which you may find helpful.

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    For listings of New England folk daces, see the Dance Gypsy.

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