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The Center for Health Policy research at TDI blends teaching, research, outreach, and policy development to educate and inform. Through innovative initiatives and broad collaboration, CHPR is a force for changing the delivery, access, and financing of health care in America.

Center leaders and staff ponder critical, previously unasked questions. Is more necessarily better? What is the “right” size of the physician workforce? Are we guilty of too much diagnosis of disease?

Home to the Dartmouth Atlas Project, the Center has expanded its work on geographic variation to document the underuse of effective care, misuse of preference-sensitive care, and overuse of supply-sensitive care in the U.S. health care system.

The faculty at the Institute is instrumental in revealing that forces besides scientific advances and public demand have contributed to the crisis in American health care over the last quarter of the 20th century.

Research Initiatives
  • The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
    The Dartmouth Atlas project brings together researchers in diverse disciplines - including epidemiology, economics, and statistics - and focuses on the accurate description of how medical resources are distributed and used in the United States.

  • Primary Care Service Area Project
    The Primary Care Service Area (PCSA) Project is helping to rectify the deficiencies in the existing primary care data infrastructure by creating service areas using nationwide claims data to reflect actual utilization patterns for primary care clinical services.

  • NIA-Intensity of Care Project
    The Intensity of Care project, funded by the NIA, is a research group concerned with health care efficiency--what it is, how health systems can be made more efficient, and what the consequences of such efficiency could be.

  • Data Center
    The Data Center provides the investigators and analysts access to federal and private databases that support the Institute's outcomes research initiatives.