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Our Work  

1. Graduate, post-graduate and health professional education
     "I can think of no more important activity than improving health care. In caring for each other we rise to our highest aspirations. The Health Care Improvement Leadership Development program offers a model of learning that is both effective and contagious. It arms idealists with practical tools and pragmatists with ideals."
                              - David C. Leach, M.D.
                                ACGME Executive Director

2. Leadership development in health care
     "Professor Batalden's authority and wisdom in the field of teaching, research and counseling has served as a valuable inspiration and guide for me and hundreds of my colleagues at Haukeland and other Norwegian Hospitals. I have yet to come across a more professional, dedicated and service oriented group of teachers and researchers than Professor Batalden and his associates at CECS."
                              - Egil Haugland, M.Sc.
                                Former CEO of Haukeland Sykehus, the central hospital
                                at the largest regional health system in Norway

3. Health care microsystem research and development
     "The microsystem work that originated at HCILD has made a tremendous contribution to how we think about improving care at the front lines by focusing on the microsystem as the unit of analysis as well as the unit of intervention. The emphasis has shifted from what we can learn about microsystems through qualitative and quantitative research to translating that research into practice."
                              - Julie Johnson, M.S.P.H., Ph.D.
                                Director of Quality Research for Pediatrics
                                University of Chicago

4. Improvement methods development, deployment and

     "Quality is not a slogan or a goal, it is a learned way of life which must be embraced and inculcated into individuals and organizations. The Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences (CECS) offers its students the opportunity to pursue the knowledge and learn the essential skills and techniques required to evaluate and instill quality into healthcare.
     The White River Junction VA Center faculty and staff take great pride in partnering with the CECS -Health Care Improvement Leadership Development to educate the nation's future leaders in health care quality. The VA serves as a laboratory to assess contemporary concepts and experiment with new ideas."

                              - Gary M. De Gasta
                                Center Director
                                VA Medical & Regional Office Center
                                White River Junction, Vermont