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Graduate Courses  

ECS 117
The Continual Improvement of Health Care: An Overview
      Class Aim: Offer participants an opportunity to discover and preview the knowledge, methods and skills necessary to participate in, and help make sense of the continual improvement and innovation of health care.

ECS 124
Continually Improving the Health and Value of Health Care for a Population of Patients: The Design and Improvement of Clinical Microsystems
      Class Aim: To understand and participate in the design and improvement of a clinical microsystem.

ECS 126
Statistical Measurement and Analysis for Quality Improvement
      Class Aim: To gain a deep understanding for the development of the science of studying and measuring variation in daily work and the application of that work to the improvement of patient care.

ECS 115
Strategic and Financial Management of Health Care Organizations
      Class Aim: To be able to apply financial techniques to strategic analysis of the health care environment, cost reduction in health care and to organizational decision making.

Research and Reading Electives
Provide an opportunity to concentrate on a particular area of interest.