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VAQS Program
VAQS 2001-02

                      VAQS Program, 2001-02

In collaboration with Health Care Improvement Leadership Development, the Veterans Health Administration has created the VA National Quality Scholars (VAQS) Fellowship Program.

The Mission of this project is to continue a special fellowship program that is the context for scholarly study and offers scholars opportunities to be leaders who can accomplish the following:

  • Apply knowledge and methods of health care improvement to the care of veterans.

  • Innovate and continually improve health care.

  • Teach health professionals about health care improvement.

  • Perform research and develop new knowledge for the ongoing improvement of the quality and value of health care services.

Fellows completing this special fellowship program will be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Design and make a change for improvement of health, healthcare.

  • Design, conduct & write-up (for a peer-reviewed journal) a research project on an improvement effort.

  • Teach a group of health professionals about what they might do to improve care.

For more information on the VAQS Program, please feel free to contact Program Coordinator Leslie Walker at Leslie.K.Walker@Dartmouth.edu.