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The Center for Informed Choice  


The Dartmouth Institute's Center for Informed Choice (CIC) will be the country's preeminent research/education program for the rigorous study of patients' health care decision making.


The mission of the CIC is to improve the decision-making capabilities of patients and to foster informed, preference-based patient choice ("decision quality").


  1. To investigate fundamental and applied research questions in key aspects of the shared decision making process;
  2. To create pioneering educational programs about the theories, measurement methods, and research designs involved in studying patients' health care decision making;
  3. To design and test innovative clinical practice models that incorporate shared decision making as an integral part of care;
  4. To investigate the role played by patients' preferences in the conduct and interpretation of clinical trials in surgery.


  Selected Projects
    Investigation of patients' decision making processes
    Development of real-time digital decision science research laboratory
    Development and evaluation of clinical decision support systems
    Evaluation of decision science research methods and preference
      elicitation techniques
    Continual Improvement of ongoing clinical decision support
  Support Services for New Investigators in Decision Science

  Summer Institutes on Informed Patient Choice
  Seminar Series

Clinical Practice Models
  The Center for Shared Decision Making, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
    Medical Center

Collaborative Links
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  Mayo Clinic: Education & Research
  Ottawa Health Research Institute
  International Patient Decision Aids Standards Collaboration
  Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
  Society for Medical Decision Making
  International Shared Decision Making
  Agency for Health Care Research and Quality


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