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2007 Summer Institute  

Program & Downloadable Presentations

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June 24 Welcome Reception
June 25 Opening Remarks, Jack Wennberg & Stephen Spielberg
Affective Forecasting, Tim Wilson
Standard Gamble Utility Assessment, Anne Stiggelbout
June 26 Self-Regulation Failure, Roy Baumeister
Influences On Cognitive And Affective Processing Of Probabilistic Information, Peter Ubel
June 27 Framing Effects, Craig McKenzie
Analytic Hierarchy Process, Jim Dolan
June 28 Trade-off Difficulty in High Stakes Decisions, Mary Frances Luce
Value-Focused Option Selection, Nananda Col
June 29 Reminders of Money Change Behavior, Kathleen Vohs
Non-Numerical Approaches for Low-Literacy Groups, Bob Volk
July 2 Fast and Frugal Heuristics, Gerd Gigerenzer
Balance Technique & Leaning Scale, Annette O'Connor
July 3 Representation & Risky Decision Making: An Intuitionist Dual-processes Approach, Valerie Reyna
Point of Equipoise & Task Representation, Glyn Elwyn
July 4 Pattern Seeking as a Deterrent to Appreciating Uncertainty, George Wolford
Notions Of Risk & Probability: Applying The Models, Adrian Edwards
4th of July Dinner Celebration, Home of Dr. & Mrs. Wennberg
July 5 Conceptualizing, Assessing, and Understanding Probability Judgment Expertise, Frank Yates
Risk Communication & Comprehension: Patients' Perspective, Dave Hickam
July 6 Randomization Is Too Important To Be Left Up To Chance, Maya Bar-Hillel
Risk Communication & The Drug Facts Box, Stephen Woloshin & Lisa Schwartz
Bon Voyage Banquet, Dartmouth Outing Club, Occom Pond

If you are a Summer Institute for Informed Patient choice selected fellow you may access the references relevant to these presentations on the Dartmouth College Blackboard course site by accessing the website with your username and password here: If you are not a SIIPC fellow or faculty member and do not have a Blackboard login you will not have access to these references.


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