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Child Care Resource Development Services for Providers

CCP provides many support services for early educators working in family child care homes, centers and schools. The Project is not a monitoring or licensing agency– those are state functions. Support services include

  • CCP training program offers 2- and 3-hour weeknight and Saturday morning workshops, as well as multi-session series and college-level classes on a wide variety of topics. The Project maintains a lending library of books and media to assist providers with specific concerns, curriculum development, or their own professional development.
  • Information about trainings and other useful news, articles of interest and seasonal activities/recipes is sent to providers several times a year in our newsletter.
  • Providers can call the Project’s toll-free “warm line” any time they have a question or concern.
  • CCP staff makes referrals of appropriate families to assist providers in maintaining enrollment.
  • CCP child care specialists visit all new home and center programs to help providers who are starting up. These “welcome to child care” visits offer providers a wealth of useful materials. Specialists are also available to visit to assist with program development and one-on-one consultation.

Last Updated: 2/5/14