Family is a very important part of my life. This page and its links will tell you a little bit about my family. All three children have Familial Dysautonomia, which has made our lives sometimes trying but always interesting, stimulating, and often very rewarding.

My wife, Bobbi (Roberta), and I have three children: Jason, born August 29, 1975, and Kevin and Lisa (twins), born July 5, 1982.

The picture at the left was taken at Bryce National Park, Utah in Sept. 1998. The view was incredible - we could see for about 100 miles.

Roberta runs the daily operations of Textco BioSoftware, Inc., a software company which she and I started in 1983 to sell molecular biology software. The two main products are Gene Construction Kit and Gene Inspector. In addition to her other full time job of taking care of our kids with their special needs, she also does volunteer work for various organizations involved with children having special needs and is involved in statewide efforts to organize health care regulations. Roberta can be reached by email at
Jason studied liberal arts at New Hampshire College (NHC) in Manchester, New Hampshire. He also attended the Pioneer Computer School of Visual Arts and completed his certification in advanced computer graphics and desktop publishing in 1997. In 1998 he was certified as a computer graphics assistant trainer. Jason also attended Keene State College part time while working at a day care center. He can be reached at, or on his Facebook page.
Lisa, the lovely lady on the right, graduated Lebanon High School, where she completed six years of perfect attendence - never having missed an hour of school from seventh through twelfth grades. Lisa enjoys shopping of any kind - through catalogs, the web, flea markets or malls. She is interested in jewelry, biographies, reading, and science. Lisa is also an avid horseback rider through the program High Horses. Lisa is a volunteer at a Lebanon Senior Center, where she makes friends and keeps folks company. She works at Encore Books, a used book store, one day a week, as well. Lisa can be reached by email at You can also see Lisa's incredible web page - music, animation, and heiroglyphics. Lisa wrote a book to raise money for the Dysautonomia Foundatoin. The book is called "My Life with FD" and is available at Encore Books. There is a low resolution version of the book available on the web at My Publisher. Lisa can also be found on Facebook.
Kevin graduated from Keene State College in 2007 with a major in American Studies. Kevin enjoys politics and discussing public affairs. He enjoys baseball and hockey, and is a big sports fan in general. He roots for the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox, as well as the Dartmouth men's ice hockey team. He is currently a volunteer at Alice Peck Day Hospital in Lebanon, NH. He also helps research topics for the "Word of Mouth" radio show on NH Pulbic Radio. Kevin enjoys listening to clean comedy by folks such as Henny Youngman, Steven Wright, and Ray Romano. Kevin can be reached by email at Kevin also is on Facebook.

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