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The Mission Statement of the CBBC

The mission of the Center for Biological and Biomedical Computing (CBBC) at Dartmouth is to provide computational biology resources which are responsive to the needs of the biological and biomedical sciences research and teaching communities. The CBBC also strives to educate members of the community in different aspects of computational biology by providing regular workshops and seminars, by providing on site consultation and support, and by encouraging computational biology practices in general. As a central resource, the CBBC is a place both novice and advanced users can turn to for assistance in their computational biology needs and questions.

The CBBC is located in Remsen 211 of the Dartmouth Medical School. Our current facilities include a number of Macintosh computers and other equipment for obtaining, editing, and outputting digital images. These computers contain numerous applications for image manipulation, sequence analysis, word processing, and for organizing material for grants, papers, or presentations. The CBBC also holds workshops on a number of the applications. The schedule of workshops is updated regularly.

The CBBC is under the direction of Dr. Robert H. Gross. He is available to answer any questions about sequence analyses, image manipulation or general questions about how computers can be used in biology.

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