This is the home page of the CBBC at Dartmouth College. The intent of this web site is to provide easy access to a number of computational biology resources. This site also contains information about the CBBC itself.
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CBBC Information & Mission Statement
CBBC Schedule/Workshops
Getting Access to the CBBC
CBBC Facilities
Software Resources
Monitor protein sequence databases
Monitor DNA sequence databases
Dartmouth Home Page
Biomedical Libraries
Biological Sciences
Electron Microscopy Facility
Grants and Contracts
Koop Institute
Molecular & Cellular Biology Program
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Pharmacology/Toxicology Dept.
For more information about the CBBC, contact Bob Gross, 603-646-2059 or send suggestions and questions by email.


Searching the WWW
Google - very comprehensive searching
Vivisimo - like Google but with clustered results
BioToolkit - searching for analysis tools
Genome Sites
Arabidopsis thaliana database
C. elegans
Encyclopedia of E. Coli Genes
Genome Sequence Database
Saccharomyces Genome Database
The Institute for Genome Research (TIGR)
Genome Channel Browser
Comprehensive Protocol Collection
Application Sites
NIH Image
Sequence Analyses
CATH - protein structure classification
EST Machine
Genie: Gene Finder
Molecular Biology Workbench
Protein Motif Searching
Promoter Scan II
Predict Protein Structure
Protein Profile Scan
Protein Structure Prediction (threading)
Repeat Masker2 (finds common repeats)
SAM - Improved Sequence Alignments
SMART (find protein motifs)
Transcription Factor Search
General Interest
Biotechnology Software Journal
Community of Science
CSH - DNA Learning Center
CSH - DNA from the Beginning
Internet for Molecular Biologists
National Science Foundation Grant Forms
Taxonomy Browser
Finding a Job
Antibody Resource Page
BioInformatics News Service
BioSci Website
BioSciences Index
Biosequence Comparisons
Computational Molecular Biology References
Glossary of Genetic Terms
Online Bio
WWW-Computational Biology Course
Virtual Cell
Biology teaching & Learning
CBIL - Computational Biol & Informatics Lab
Employment Opportunities for Biologists
Genome and Genetic Resources on WWW
GCK and GI Enzyme files
Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
Periodic Table
Primer on Molecular Genetics
Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
ArrayExpress - Microarray Analysis
Major BioSites
EMBL Outstation
European Bioinformatics Institute
Galaxy's Guide to Biology
Genome Database
Listing of Computational Biology Centers
National Ctr for Biotechnol Info (NCBI)
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Yahoo's Directory for Biology
CMS Molecular Biology Resource
Databases and Searching
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
BCM Search Launcher
Search Launcher - multiple kinds of searches
Blocks Database Server
Codon Usage Tables
Genomic Consensus Sequence Search
GRAIL - search for genes in DNA
Search for Human or Rodent Repeats
Entrez Browser
MetaMeme Multiple Sequence Families
Protein Motif Searching - multiple databases
PDB - protein structure
PFAM - protein family identification
PRINTS - scan profiles of protein sequences
ProDom - protein domain database searching
PubCrawler - Alerting Service for PubMed and GenBank
Restriction Enzymes
RNA World
Structural Classification of Proteins
Vector db

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