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Should I disclose my disability to an employer? An Interview with Ward Newmeyer

There are several hundred students at Dartmouth who are bright, talented, capable and also have a disability. Deciding when, how and where to disclose a disability in a job search is a personal decision and can feel awkward. (I say this based on my own personal experience which I will share in a later post.) …

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First Impressions Count! – Common Interview Blunders

Although many of us try to convince ourselves otherwise, when applying for anything nowadays, interviews are a fact of life. And from the moment you greet your interviewer with a handshake, the judgment begins. Play it safe and don’t let yourself make these mistakes come interview day : “Ice, Ice, Baby”- Although it’s never a …

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International Specialty Bulletin – January 4, 2012

TOPICS INCLUDE: TRADE – U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council Internship The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship – POST GRAD  EUROPEAN UNION – TRAINEESHIPS  SCHOLARSHIPS for SENIORS! USAID – Internships in the Bureau for Africa SWITZERLAND – ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship STUDY ABROAD $$$ for NON-SENIORS JUNIORS -  PICKERING  FOREIGN AFFAIRS $$$ FELLOWSHIP GERMANY – $$ for Study, …

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Career Tip: When should I post my status? When should I not post my status?

With the advent of multiple forms of social media, everyone’s status can become great reading material.  BUT, do you want it to be?  Do you want your potential boss reading it? Is it strictly personal? Is it strictly business? Would it be awkward to explain to your parents? Or grandparents?  Be very careful of what …

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